Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is my story---and I'm sticking to it.

I have been missing in action for the past week. It's been crazy/fun at my house. My youngest son and his wife and twins have been with us for the past two months, since graduating from Grad School, and transitioning into jobs. They packed up and moved this past weekend.
Our oldest son and his wife and baby girl came up to visit for a week--beginning this past weekend. 
My parents "didn't want to miss all the babies", so they too came to visit this past weekend.

I have a lot of stories to tell, recipes to share and book clubs to talk about, but for now, I'll just leave you with my church story.

Remember this post about Sundays?
Well, let me tell you about this past Sunday.

First of all, my middle son, changed the ring tone on my cell phone to play an Eminem song when it rings.
You know....the notorious Eminiem ----singing
The way you shake it, I can't believe it
I ain't never seen an ass like that

Yeah, that's him. My middle son thinks it's FUNNY.
And I don't know (or haven't had the time to figure it out) how to change the ring tone back, so I just have it on vibrate.

Early Sunday morning, the Handyman was a bit annoyed with me and said, "you never answer your cell phone when I call," then he took my phone and said, "it's on silent!" He handed it back to me and I didn't give it another thought.

We all go to church. My husband, my parents, my oldest son, his wife, their daughter, me. We take up a whole pew.  I am happy.  I have a lot of family, and I get to show off my grandaughter.

The Pastor asks us to bow our heads to pray. We do. And all of the sudden Eminem breaks out in song... The way you shake it, I can't believe it
I ain't never seen an ass like that

THE HANDYMAN had set it to "ring" so I wouldn't miss his calls!!

I started hitting buttons on my cell phone and it stopped right away. For some lucky reason I had my cell phone in my hand, so I don't think many people actually heard "I ain't never seen an ass like that".
And perhaps the preacher was preaching about Jesus riding as ass into Jerusalem.

My oldest son, elbowed me in the ribs and was laughing silently.
I guess that at the moment my cell phone rang and Eminem started singing, the Pastor's prayer was saying "don't ignore the call......"

I am sure she meant the call of God, not Eminem.

** a disclaimer. whatever you do, don't look up the lyrics to that song "Ass like that". It's horrible. Awful. And probably should be outlawed.

And I played it in church.


Karen said...

Bwhahahaha! I bet you can hear me laughing all the way from Montana! Love the new look you've got going here... pretty!

bermudaonion said...

That is too funny! Cell phones are great but can also be a real pain! LOL

MM said...

I read this earlier today at work (the library). You made me snort! Luckily our library is very laid back. My boss had to read it to see what was so funny and she ended up with a giggle fit!

~Jess said...

oh my goodness! That is too funny! lol

Sounds like you guys had a fun time1

Luanne said...

Oh I know you were probably horrified at the time, but you had me laughing out loud!

Pam said...

Ha ha! Too funny and it sounds like something my sons would do. Like your summer look here!

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