Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Morning!

I, too, have my cup of coffee this morning, as I listen to the rain come down... it did stop for a bit, so the Handyman and I could go for a walk this morning.  We were late getting out---5:15 a.m.  (I blame that on my husband.  He has to be at work at 7:00).   We are not used to so much rain out here in Nevada.  I say, so much.. but it's only rained off and on for the past 3 1/2 days, that's it.  Some of these Nevadans are fed up, they want sunshine, but I LOVE IT.
We do have a mystery that plagues me tho....Nevadans have never got the hang of umbrellas, so we don't use them.  I think it's because it rains so little, we just dont' "own" any umbrellas, and then when it does rain, it usually only lasts a short while, so what's the use?  

I am writing this random post because I wanted to remind you again that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...In Canada too!  And I linked to BeanTown Baker's  Power of Pink Challenge a few days ago, so I wanted to remind you.... make something pink and post about it this month.

A few more random pictures from my 3day-60mile walk.

There were medical tents at every pit-stop. There were pit stops every few miles.

Tent city again--you had to remember your street letter and tent number, because they all looked alike.

My sister in law and my friend.  Pretty much passed out after walking on day #2.
A few mintues earlier, you would have found me lying there too.

There  was a whole litte "city" at the end of the day.  We had 'crew' who cooked for us and cleaned for us. Shower trailers and even a "rememberance tent" (that was very emotional)

There was also a tent decorating contest!


justjoycee said...
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justjoycee said...

Almost like us Miamian's who have that one sweater we can never find for Nice post! One of the walks here will be on the 16th.

~Jess said...

In New England...we're prepared for absolutely any kind of weather, whether it's rain, snow, sun, sleet, humidity, hail, or perfection. We get it all!

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