Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oreo Cupcakes

Yesterday I had a day all to's been a long time since I've had one...and it will be a long time until I get one again.  It's my busy time at work.  So, since I had a day all to myself, I decided to make these Oreo Cupcakes I had found on  Beantown Baker.
(she has tons of cupcake recipes on her blog, so I plan on making more of her recipes soon.  They all look great)
Once I made them, I wasn't quite sure what to do with 24 cupcakes.  It's the Handyman and myself.  He would eat 2 or 3 and that meant there would be 22 left for me.  Not to say I couldn't eat 22 of these delicious cupcakes, but I didn't WANT to.
To rephrase ...I did WANT to, because they tasted great, but I knew I shouldn't eat 22 cupcakes.

So, I did what any self-respecting person who is trying to watch what they eat, but loves to cook would do.  I invited my grandson over.

He's making a significant dent in them.  Good thing too, because this is  a really good cupcake and I would have trouble resisting if they were left around.
I will let you get the official recipe over at  Beantown Baker since it's her's anyway.  I think that she uses a cookies and cream recipe--her original one, of course,  for the batter and adds Oreos.  The batter is very good.  And I know.  I ate spoonfuls of it.

My grandson and I were going to go on a long walk this morning, but he got distracted hunting deer in my backyard  (no we do not have deer in the backyard, but it kept him busy having fun for an hour or so).
Right after he came inside, (having seen a coyote, but not a deer)  he asked me,  "Gramma, were you ever young once?"  I started to answer  (seriously people are surprised to find out I'm 51, and I've always taken pride in that--looking a bit younger than I am), but then he said,  "oh of course you were, I just can't imagine it."

Fine.  He can imagine deer and coyote in the backyard, but not me young.   I just shoved another cupcake in his mouth.


Karen said...

Cute! The cupcakes look delicious - going to check out the recipe :)

bermudaonion said...

Your cupcakes look divine. I love to bake but have pretty much quit doing it because the two of us don't eat it and I end up throwing most of it away.

Brenda said...

Your posts are the best Debbie. I'm almost 48, just a few years behind you but I can relate. I'm laughing as I'm typing this.

Your cupcakes look freakin' amazing!!! I need to make these as Oreos are my son's favourite. What a great recipe. Thanks for sharing my friend and in 7 weeks we'll only be a "few" miles apart (I'll be in Vegas). Wish you lived in Vegas!!

MM said...

Great looking cupcakes. I thought the story about your grandson's imagination was so funny I had to read it to my husband!

DizzyC said...

Oh Wow! Those cupcakes look very naughty.

My eldest daughter is taking GCSE catering at school and we are always looking for new recipes..... will check this one out.

thanks for sharing


Jen said...

So glad you enjoyed them. They're a fav in our house!

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