Saturday, October 2, 2010

October already

I've been missing in action for almost 2 weeks--wow--time goes by fast.  Every blog I've read this morning talks about fall and how fast it has gotten here, or where has September gone  (that one I do have to agree with, cuz it just sped by).
I  think that as we get older --not that I'm OLD, but I am 51, so that means I'm older than half the population in the United States--I think time seems to go faster.

As a young bride my grandma told me this story about how one day she was sitting enjoying a cup of coffee in her dining room.  They had great windows in their old home, huge, big, picture windows from both the dining room and the living room.  She was enjoying the view of the mountains out of her dining room window, when all of the sudden an old white-haired, stooped man came into her yard and started picking apples from her apple tree.
She was really annoyed at this old man....who could he be and what did he think he was doing, helping himself to her apples!   Then it dawned on her that it was my granddad, who had been out for a walk.  And she thought to herself,  "when did he get old?"   "Where did the time go?"

It will happen to all of goes fast.  Let's enjoy it.  With good food, good friends, family and lots of humor (we dont' want to end up as cranky old people, do we?).

I will be back later in the day with a food post.  Oreo Cupcakes.  I think they were a hit.

Early morning the desert!


Brenda said...

Welcome back, you were missed! It's funny, for my Martha Mondays post coming up this Monday I say the same as you about time really does go faster the older we get. My Mom always said that but I never believed her. Now I do! Love your pics, as always. Looking forward to the Oreo cupcakes!!

Karen said...

It looks like a beautiful day in the desert! I bought a package of the Halloween Oreos the other day. The filling is orange. I just ate 3 of them :P

Terri said...

Love your photos. My mother (who used to live in Las Vegas) would always complain about how barren the desert was. I used to tell her she wasn't looking hard enough. :o)

DizzyC said...

Beautiful photos!

Enjoy your weekend


bermudaonion said...

I'm the same age as you are and I agree that time just keeps getting faster and faster.

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