Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reno Weekend

2 Lemon Drop Martinis    (all of this was about $50 at Fish and Finn
2 glasses of wine                  in The Grand Sierra Casino)
lobster corn dog appetizers  (they were really good!)
roasted vegetables
dessert samples

Veggie Omelet with egg substitute    $7 at IHOP

Iced Tea
Brie stuffed pot stickers with mango and ginger  salsa    $8 a Riverside Grill
crab and shrimp cakes    $8 at Riverside Grill
1 raspberry/lemon martini   $6 at Riverside Grill

1 glass of champagne   free at Labels Consignment store
1 champagne cocktail     $5  Happy Hour at St. James Infirmary
1 strawberry and vodka cocktail   $7  at  Olive Garden
stuffed mushrooms  (with cheese and clams and breadcrumbs)   $9
calamari    $9
lasagna rolls  (with five cheeses)   $13

champagne   $9  on sale at Total Wine
milk chocolate with hazelnuts  $2

Lemon ricotta pancakes   $10  at the Peppermill Casino
fruit compote

All the weight I gained?  Priceless!!!

I'll tell you more tomorrow about how much fun we had.  Besides all the eating, I mean.  And drinking.


bermudaonion said...

Any time you eat food like that, fun is bound to be had!

cajunlicious said...

Love this! Just found your blog and am a new follower!
- Jessica @

Karen said...

Oh dang, all that sounds good. I'm going to have to look up a recipe for the strawberry-vodka cocktail. And brie stuffed pot stickers?? YUM! How did they make the lobster corn dog appys? Sounds like you had a good weekend - I wish we were closer to Reno - or Vegas - or Seattle - or... *someplace*!

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