Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am afraid of spiders. Let me rephrase that.. I am afraid of spiders inside of things.

The actual spider, I don't mind (unless it's an evil black widow). If I see a spider walking across the ceiling, I don't have to run and smash it, I can ignore it. I have big cathedral ceilings and I even have one teeny weeny pet spider with a web in one corner that I can't get to--I'll have to get a ladder next weekend. (geez...I'm digging myself in deep here. First I say I have 'overflowing' baskets of books lying around and now I just admitted to a spider web in a ceiling corner, that I haven't taken care of. Sigh.)

I love to work in the garden and I don't mind spiders in the dirt, when they scurry away when I'm pulling weeds and messing up their home. And I love a giant web in the garden with dew drops and the morning sun shining on it and a lazy old garden spider sunning himself.

But.... I am always afraid of a spider getting 'into' my things. Like my gardening gloves. I leave them in a drawer in a chest in the garage all winter, but each spring I have to buy a new pair, because I know...I KNOW that an evil black widow has crawled into the tip of the finger and is waiting to bite me.

I have garden shoes, that I leave on the patio.... I can barely stand to put them on the next morning (and often times I can only do this for a month and then will never put the shoes on again) because I KNOW an evil black widow has crawled into the tip of my shoe to bite me. Getting the lawn/patio chairs out of the shed for spring, the chairs must be inspected from top to bottom, not just a good brushing off as the Handyman is want to do, because I KNOW that an evil black widow is hiding under the seat cushion to bite me.

So, this morning, when I was woken at 4:55 am to a vicious wind howling thru the trees and pelting rain at my bedroom window, I knew I would not be walking. Instead, I went downstairs and made coffee and grabbed my book and a quilt from a basket (OMG---baskets of over flowing books AND blankets!) I knew that an evil spider would probably run across my skin, because it has been awhile since I grabbed a blanket from that basket. And it gave me the creeps for awhile.

Do you have an irrational (not that this fear of spiders getting into my things is irrational, because I KNOW they will at some point) fear of anything?


bermudaonion said...

I have an irrational fear of heights - I don't mean the soaring heights that scare most people. I mean any height at all. Our mall is two story and open in the middle - I do not like that at all.

MM said...

When we lived in the midwest, black widows were everywhere! The worst was when I found one hiding in a toy in the sandbox. I always stomped on my gardening gloves before putting my hands in them b/c I KNEW a black widow would be cozied up in there.

It's grasshoppers that get to me. They fly, they hop...they always land on ME! Creepy crawlies just thinking about that.

Karen said...

I don't like things that move erratically... moths, butterflies, crickets, grasshoppers, birds... all that stuff. I'd rather be in a room with a slow moving snake than one grasshopper that's jumping all over the place and eventually will land on me! UGH! Now I've got the creepy crawlies!!

Sadie said...

Yes I'm afraid of peacock feathers. Totally irrational.

Also worms... ask Marcus about my experience in Connecticut walking through the parking lot after it rained. I was pretty much crying there were worms every where. It was a very stressful and embarrassing moment. I hope no professor or classmates saw that display.

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