Thursday, December 29, 2011


This morning after reading,  Book  Journey's Morning Meanderings, I was very excited to 'confess'  and to post a picture of that confession.
 She asked where your books were laying around your home....besides bookshelves and baskets and places they should be, and how many you places they shouldn't be.

For a bookworm (me) I thought that would be fun to go around and count, because I always have books just laying around in places  (3 and my Kindle right here by me on the compute desk),  BUT,  a few weeks ago, I started a project of  making the spare bedrooms into  "the grand children's room" (got twin beds, wall decals, funny pictures of them, a topee in the corner, etc)  and  'the library'.   I began to take all my books to the 'library'.   All of my books...well over 100.   Well over 200. 
This would be fine except the library doesn't have bookshelves yet.  (waiting for the Handyman to build them.  He was waiting for the holidays to be over).

To make a long story short--I have well over 200 books lying on the floor of a spare bedroom upstairs.
They are homeless right now.   And invisible, since I just shut the door to that room.
It's really not a pretty picture.  It's quite embarrassing.  I couldn't post it.
I will tho AFTER my book shelves are done.


bermudaonion said...

Can you send the Handyman to my house once he's done? I have plenty of books, but they're mostly on my nightstand and my bookcases.

Karen said...

You sure do keep that Handyman busy ;)

Shelby said...

:) confession is good for the soul -

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