Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I do not procrastinate!!

I just reschedule!

I am having my coffee this morning in this cup.....

.....which I received in the mail yesterday from my friend Karen in Havre, Montana.   (Karen Cooks!  Check out her wonderful blog)
I have never met Karen face to face, but I think she is one of my BFF's!   Do they even say  BFF anymore?   I am usually behind the times, you know, in both my use of  current slang and, well, in most everything I do.
That is why I got the mug.  Because Karen knows me so well.
That has been one of the great benefits of being part of the blogging community:  getting to know people, you wouldn't otherwise meet.  Kind of like the old "pen pal" except with technology and video and Twitter and Facebook thrown in.
Karen and I will meet someday  and then I have to buy the first glass of wine, maybe the 2nd and 3rd too,  to show her I appreciate all the kindnesses she does.

I really don't procrastinate, I just reschedule!  HA!   
And that rescheduling has never let me down yet.  I love to work under pressure.  (okay, i might not LOVE  it, as it is stressful sometimes, but I don't know any other way to do it)

Thanks Karen!  I love my mug.  And this morning I poured hot coffee in it and sat in the living room with the lights of the Christmas tree and a book in hand. It was PERFECT!  The only thing missing was some snow falling and some sugar cookies.

In other news:
We put up our Christmas tree the day before they lit the tree in Rockefeller Center.  When we put up our tree,  we checked the lights---let me rephrase--the Handyman checked the lights,  before putting them on the tree and they all worked....until we were done decorating, and then the middle strand didnt' work.   The Handyman, in his ingenious way of thinking, solved that problem by  taking the strand and 'shaking' it.   They came on.  (he is so smart, it scares me sometimes).
The next night when we watched the news as the tree in Rockefeller Center was lit, I said,   "man, I'd hate to be in charge of that tree.  What if the lights didn't work from year to year and they had to --shake them??"
I thought I was funny.  The Handyman told me they probably got new lights every year.
REALLY??  SERIOUSLY?  What a waste.  I mean, if  they can afford to buy new lights every year, can't they just pay someone to "shake" them from year to year?   It's job security and not wasteful!
Don't tell me the White House does the same thing?  New strands of lights every year?   When there are tons of good shakers out there?

Oh man.

And last....I found this little article that I thought was kind of funny--the  7 types of book lovers.  What kind are you?


Karen said...

Glad you like the mug! Christmas Tree Light Shakers... I wonder what they get paid per hour? :)

bermudaonion said...

We started on our tree today but have one more box of ornaments to go. I'll get it done before Christmas . . . I swear I will.

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