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Friday Friend Recipe #18--Saturday Night Salad

Another Recipe down in the Friday Friend Cookbook countdown.
These are all coming from a homemade blue notebook folder which contains recipes from all my friends--my Friday Friends!
I am so lucky to count these people as my closest friends.
Check out ALL the Friday Friend Recipes (so far) right here.

I've come to the conclusion that salads are the hardest things to take photos of EVER!

But they are so good.
What can beat a good, cool salad on a hot summer evening?
Not much.
I am lucky that the Handyman loves them too.  He is good with a big salad and some bread and if he isn't,  he'll throw something on the grill to go beside it.  

Everyone has a version of an Oriental Salad, some are easy to throw together, some a bit involved. I like to make the one FF Shelly Noble makes.  It's pretty simple and even tho I love to cook, I do like simple most of the time.

My family always got together and had this version of an Oriental Salad.  It seemed as if they had it every Saturday night for one whole summer, so I dubbed it their Saturday Night Salad and the name has stuck.
I made this the other night and it brought back such good memories!
It was soooo good.
I think I had 4 helpings---but that's all I had for dinner.  
I didn't want anything else.

This salad is perfect.
Perfectly great.

Saturday Night Salad
FF Slyvia Delgado Hambelton

Napa Cabbage
Sliced water chestnuts
Green onions--sliced

Egg strips:  cook 4 eggs (mix all the eggs together and then cook until set like an omelet)
cut into strips

2+ T. butter
1 cup sliced almonds
4 T Sesame seeds
2 pkg Top Ramen noodles, crushed
fry until golden--adding more butter if needed

1 cup oil
5 T sugar
seasoned pepper
2 pkts seasoning from Top Ramen
1/2 cup vinegar (apple cider)
1 T soy sauce
Mix well

Tear cabbage, chop chestnuts, slice celery and onion for as big as you want your salad.
Add egg strips and crunchies
mix dressing well and add as much as you like to the salad.

Eat and enjoy!

(my egg strips became egg strip chunks, but still---very good)

This recipe comes from FF Sylvia Hambelton. 
She is my sister-in-law,  my brother's wife.
She has been a part of our family for  just about
25 YEARS!!
woo hoo!
It'll be 25 in October.
She has actually stuck with us that long! 

You think I'm jesting, but I'm not---she is truly an important and much loved part of our family.

She says she doesn't like to cook and that's fair enough, but what I have discovered is that when people don't like to cook, they have a few signature dishes that people crave!  
(I have nothin, because I keep trying new things and don't remake the old favs)

Seriously, this is one of those signature dishes for her....
it's great and it's always something people oooh and ahhhh over when they eat it.
She has a few more like that, which I will share over the course of the cookbook countdown.

Here is a photo of Sylvia and my brother, standing at the foot of  Wallowa Lake in Oregon state.
One of the happiest places on earth.


Kate said...

I can see why this would be a signature dish. It looks similar to one that my mom makes but this one has water chestnuts!! I love them. Thanks for sharing....I am going to have to give this a try.

bermudaonion said...

I love salads and don't think I've ever had one like that. I'm going to print the recipe out.

Karen said...

This sure sounds good!

Tina said...

You always give me new creative ideas!

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