Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jalapeno Rye Rounds--Friday Friend Recipe #20

There are approximately 130 pages in the Friday Friend Cookbook--and approximately 3 recipes per page----er,  (doing math in my head), that means just around 400 recipes.  I am on #20!!  And they thought I couldn't do it!

One of my favorite Sister-in-laws, Meghan  (see all her FF recipes here) is a great cook.  I love all her recipes.  I especially love when she entertains because she is a great hostess as well. 
Don't tell, but sometimes when we are visiting them in CA and she hosts a family party,  I will steal all her ideas and come back to NV and host my own party --- taking full credit for all the wonderfulness. 
People think I'm awesome!

One of the recipes she sent in for the Friday Friend Cookbook was this recipe for Jalapeno Rye Rounds, but I couldn't find any Rye Rounds in my little town, so I bought rye bread and cut them up and toasted them before making this appetizer.  It would have looked much better on a 'round' than on an 'abstract rectangle', I'm sure.
They tasted just as good tho.
Everyone at my little party loved them.
Told ya....they think I'm awesome!

Jalapeno Rye Rounds
FF Meghan Stone

Sliced Rye Rounds
1 brick jack cheese
1 can diced Ortega chilies

Shred cheese. Add in bowl with chilies.  Mix in mayo--start with 1 T and add more till you have a good spreading consistency.  Maybe 2-3 T.  Spread on rye rounds.  Bake at 350F for 10 minutes--then zap with broiler to get top bubbly and crunchy!
Eat with caution, as they are initially hot!

And now, my FF and sister-in-law, Meghan!
(and cute little niece Devin)

I think the picture above is just the cutest!
But look below... and you will find something quite different.
Their personalities come out....

At a family gathering a couple of years ago, (why does everyone always hang out in the kitchen?) I took ONE of the Handyman and Meghan.
 One of them.
They wave across a crowded room when they notice the camera is pointed their way.

Then I decided to take a photo of my brother-in-law, Mike (Meghan's husband) talking to his mother and across the room, you can see the Handyman and Meghan. 
Rich (Handyman) begins to wave and Meghan is pointing at him like  "wth?  Look at him, thinks he's getting his picture taken"

So then the two of them begin to PHOTO BOMB the pictures.
Before we knew what photo bombing was... 
(I should have taken more, but I didn't know they were doing that until I got home and looked at the photos)

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