Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday and llamas

Every spring for the past 5 years, I've gone on a 'birding weekend' with some of my  best friends.  Um yeah, the weird bird lover ones.  
Weird yes, but serious?  Not so much. Don't get me wrong:  birds... we love to see them, hear them, watch them, learn about them,  but we mostly go for the girls weekend.  (the perfect bloody mary this year!!)

This past spring we went a a new place-- to Burns, Oregon.  They have a great bird festival and we really enjoyed ourselves. We went on some great birding outings/tours, listened to a good keynote speaker (yes, they have these even at birding events), enjoyed seeing some new migratory birds (to us anyway) but on the last day,  we signed up for a llama session.  None of us were sure what this was all about, and I was kind of thinking BORING inside my  head, but guess what?  I LOVED THE LLAMAS!  We all did.   We learned the difference between alpacas and llamas (don't ask me to tell you right now) and how to care for them and how to handle them.  We made friends with them.
It was a fun little session, so I thought I'd share...
 (and then share it with Outdoor Wednesday

....My Bird Nerd friends and me, with our llamas. We're the ones with cameras and binoculars around our necks, the llamas are the furry ones. 


bermudaonion said...

I want to meet a llama!

Karen said...

Cute pictures!

Tina said...

Best. Post. Ever! I love the llamas

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