Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This and That

I came to a difficult decision this morning while having coffee in my back patio.

I am putting a book down after 140 pages and moving on to something better.
I never do this and it makes me feel bad!

I am setting aside "The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August"

I just can't get into it.
I know that some people loved it and it had some great reviews... it's just not for me at this time.

I am moving on to  "A Hundred Summers".
More of a summer read.
Not so complex as Harry August.
Not that I never read complex books---it's just not the time for it right now, I guess.

In other news--- The Handyman and I are going to Arizona in September for our granddaughter's 6th birthday party.  On the way, we are going to the 
"Standing on the Corner" Festival in Winslow, AZ

Because I was searching about the festival...
this came up on my Facebook page  (they are watching us!)

I got it!!

Do you get it?


Sally said...

Yes. I got it. And when we did AZ a few years ago, that was a planned stop. winslow, AZ, and such a fine sight to see.
Well, we didn't see any fine sights, but we're proud to have seen it. I want to go to the festival!

Karen said...

I saw that poster the other day and I didn't get it. Still didn't get it until I saw the video you posted! There's a lot going on in that picture: there's a bald eagle on the left window ledge; there are two people hugging/kissing in the 3rd window from left. There are two what looks like identical big lamps in the bottom right window. And last, see the reflection of the truck in the left lower window? How'd that get there?? It doesn't look like it would be the right angle to catch the reflection of that truck. LOL

JoAnn said...

Yes, I got it... the festival sounds like fun. Thanks for the video. Love the Eagles!

You're going to love A Hundred Summers!!

bermudaonion said...

Good for you - I struggle with giving up on books and I don't know why. Why stick with something you're not enjoying when there are so many other books to choose from?

I got it too - that festival should be fun!

Tina said...

There way too many books I want to read to perservere through one that's a chore. I've done that, abandoned a book if it doesn't grab me.

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