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Friday Friend Recipe #138 - Rice and Broccoli

My Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown #138!

My Mom's Rice and Broccoli

and you know all the whys and wherefores of this countdown, right? Homemade cookbook, friends contributed, Handyman said I couldn't/wouldn't do it, I'll show him, yadda yadda yadda....
...and the rest is cookbook history!

As I've said many times before---food trends come and go.  This dish and similar ones were really popular in the 80's?  I  had not had it in years when I made it for the FF cookbook countdown.  I  didn't even know if I could find Cheeze Whiz anymore, but I did.  And while this is too  'fake' cheesy for my taste buds anymore, there was a time when I loved it.
You might still!!

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I went home for lunch and had a pb&j sandwich--with orange marmalade.  I love orange marmalade.
Orange marmalade reminds me of my mom because she loved it too.
When I start thinking of stories about my mom and I in the kitchen,  my mind goes to the pie crust incident.
I wrote about this earlier in a FF post, but it's a good one to bring back...  here goes....

When I was around 13 years old, I decided I wanted to learn to make a pie crust.
I decided I wanted to learn to make a pie crust on a Saturday night at about 6pm--just when my parents were headed out to a fancy dinner.
My mom was getting ready for dinner, dancing and cocktails.  She was all dressed up in a fancy dress with her hair done up, perfume, pearls, etc.
I could not get my pie crust to roll out in a circle without huge cracks in it and just as they were leaving the house I thru a fit and wanted her to stay and teach me her pie crust--JUST LIKE A GOOD MOM SHOULD!!
She of course, didn't stay. And I think I told her she was a horrible mother.
oh come on....don't judge.  At least we had this kind of relationship where I felt safe enough to tell her that. I mean, there are some children in the United States where they would get slapped or beaten for this kind of disrespect.  I, on the other hand, knew my mother was not horrible, and she knew I knew it, so it seemed reasonably safe to throw that in her face to see if I could get a reaction.  I didn't.
In my mind tho, she was devastated and felt awful all evening long and wished she had never left me sobbing at home, covered in flour. In reality, she probably either just looked at me--the mom look,  finished putting on her earring without saying a word to the screeching creature before her and walked out of the house on the arm of my father OR told me I was a selfish little turd and then walked out of the house on the arm of my father.
Neither of them looking back to see me wailing over pie crust!
I can't make a good pie crust to this day.

During the time  I was asking all the Friday Friends weekly questions, I must have asked about  teenage selfishness and shared a story similar to this one, because my mother sent me an answer---
Not once in my life did I call you a selfish little shit (I beg to differ Mom) but if I had, I am sure that you deserved it!  There was a time in  your life that I would have given you away if I had had a chance!

Okay, I guess I was a little snot sometimes.  I might have even drove her to drink!

When she answered about herself , she said,
Yes, I was very selfish in my early high school years.  My parents wanted to move back out to the ranch to live and they did for one summer.  I refused to move!!  All summer long I stayed with friends and my grandparents.  I was a real butt!
Now, did you know that about your mother?

I did not know that story about my mother!
She did have a stubborn streak tho. She refused to ever taste lamb, no matter what!!  Even at a Seder Supper! One little teeny-weeny bite?  NO, she had had mutton once and she hated it.  So there was no 2nd chance for a rack of lamb or a nicely seasoned lamb chop, which I make and it's SO GOOD.  I just wanted her to little bite?
No, she'd just have some toast and orange marmalade instead.

That's my mom story!
Recipe #138, only 156 to go!

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