Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It just dawned on me yesterday, that my mother was a woman before her time. She recycled long ago.
Pepsi bottles!
Every Saturday she would buy a six pack of Pepsi in bottles (that was the only way they came) and thru-out the week, she would have one in the afternoon....sometimes she'd share one with a friend (these were 12oz bottles)....we never got a Pepsi, because "they were not for kids".
Then the next Saturday, she would take the empty bottles back to the store and return them and buy her new bottles.

Whatever happened to that? I know, I know, they "used" to charge for the bottles AND they used to reuse the bottles (which they don't do anymore---they used to wash them and reuse them, but now they have to actually "be" recycled, which costs more )
We recycled our milk bottles too.... we went to Thomson's or Thomalson's dairy. It was a drive thru dairy, like a fast food joint. You drove up and handed them your used milk bottles (they were glass) and told them what you wanted; more milk, butter, cream, eggs, etc. and they handed it out the little "drive thru" window.
In Rich's family they recycled too, I think. They had a "milk man" who came to their house every morning early and picked up their used glass milk bottles and left new ones.

I didn't mean for this to get nostalgic, it's just that our mothers were women before their time!!
They were green when green was unheard of.
Thanks Moms.


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