Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay I get it.

Tonight, as I am sitting in the TV room, I notice my husband come and get the camera off the desk. He had just arrived home from a meeting and I hadn't cooked any supper at all. Soon, he comes out of the kitchen with a plate of burritos. And sets the camera back on the desk. I ask him what he's doing....he says taking pictures of supper to show all your friends that you really don't cook your fancy meals all the time.! Smart Alec!!!

hmmmm....in the picture I notice a hot chocolate packet beside the burritos. LOL That was mine. It's cold. We walked this morning at 5:00 a.m. in 7 degree weather. (I'm on a training schedule for the 60 mile walk) and I haven't gotten warm all day....maybe because it isn't above freezing.

MMM....dinner. Or supper. The evening meal...I get so confused. (sigh)

smart alec!!

and in other news. Today I received this wonderful eco-friendly scrubber. I "won" it from a fellow blogger, Linda at Weekend Cook. I never win anything, so this was quite a surprise. It made me LOL and I loved it. Thanks so much Linda. And also for your nice note which was included. I used to be a great letter writer. Before the invention of the inter-net and once I found the blogging world? Forget it. It's so sad. And that's why it was so nice to get a real live note!!

Also, if you look to your right..... (to the right and down, down, scroll down ) there is a Butterfly award from Honey B! Honey always makes me feel good about myself. I think she is "that" kind of person. The kind who makes others feel good.

Both of these blogs are blogs I love and check them out every day. Thanks so much friends!

And I promise, that I will post again in a day...or two.


HoneyB said...

Thanks Debbie. Your kind words come at a time I needed to hear them. I've been having some people trying to cause me trouble at work. Thankfully my boss doesn't play into that kind of stuff....but I've been a bit down lately because it is tough. I don't believe in being unkind! Everyone has feelings. Thanks again!

P.S. Are your hubby and Grumpy related? he he.

Gabe's Girl said...

Best of luck on the 60 mile walk! That is a wonderful goal. I can not even imagine what 6F feels like. Take care!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

I love the scrubber!!!!

What an awesome thing that you are training for a 60 mile walk...that's awesome!

I thought your hubby was going to take a picture of chocolate chips! (Remembering a few posts back!)

Linda said...

Debbie, Oh thank you for your sweet words! I'm glad you like your little scrubby!

You are doing a 60 mile walk? Wow! That is super...what is the cause? My daughter did a 300 mile bike ride for AIDS in DC a few years ago. AWESOME was the only way I could describe seeing them come in at the end of the ride. It was over a 3 day period.

Shelby (aka HoneyB) and I are going to meet each other at a play in March. Her cousin is appearing it it and it is coming to my city.
I am so excited as she is such a super person on line.

Thank you again for your online friendship and have a wonderful day!!

Proud Italian Cook said...

My daughter, neice, and DIl, all did the 60 mile walk this past August, so I know how hard it is!
I will be rooting for you! Check out my archive for August 2008, I did a blog about them and the walk.

The Blonde Duck said...

My dinner tonight is waffles. Last night we had meatballs Ben had cooked and put in the freezer. We're just as fancy as ya'll!

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