Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bookstores at Night

My good friend Karen, from
sent me this video

I love it!
Thanks Karen.
I like to think that my books have a good time when I turn out the light.
(maybe that's why the library room is such a mess?)

I have a Kindle and I do listen to Audio Books,
(here is a great link to an Audio book challenge.  I would join it but my challenge this year is to not join any challenges.  And to not buy any cooking magazines.  And to walk more, and to have more dinner parties and to write more letters.....and....and GAWSH!!  They just keep adding up)
but I still love an old-fashioned book in hand the best.

I read a quote by someone recently.  I can't remember who or where but he/she said (about the evolution of the book) that  he/she wondered if the cavemen got 'all up in arms' when paper was invented.  Or when the printing press was invented....
Progress is difficult sometimes, but it happens.
(I'm referring of course, to the book/electronic reader debate)
I like them all, but as I said, I love my books best!

The Handyman is snoring in front of the TV and I have a cup of tea...maybe I'll sneak in a few pages of my book before I wake him up to go to bed.


Susan Lindquist said...

Fun video! And I like your list of resolutions... all good ones!

I don't have a Kindle or any such e-book thingie. I do listen to audio books from our public library on occasion, but I still prefer a real book in my hands.

Brenda said...

Ha ha - love it! I bet the same thing happens in libraries....

sadie607 said...

I can't stand to read e-books drives me nuts. I will cry if actual books become extinct someday.

bermudaonion said...

I love it too!

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