Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowy Drive to work

Let me just post the last picture first....

Hey, I live in rural northern Nevada.  It's legal.  (and that's a subject I plan to write a post about soon, but for now...well,  I was just driving to work this morning and this was on the way) 

I sent some pictures to some of my friends of my snowy drive to work.

Shelly said:
So were you driving and clicking???

Karen said:
The last picture showing a sign pointing the way to the brothels. Did you work there today?

Sally said:
Send the third set of pictures, please.  Your drive to work should not end at the brothels!

Um...yes, I was driving in the snow and taking pictures while I was driving.   We were all going 5 miles an hour.
And no....I don't work at the brothels.
I do work at the Visitors Center...where sometimes people ask about the Brothels, and it is my job to "point them in the right direction."   (laughing)
Seriously tho, someone will ask about them once every other year or so.
No one is EVER honest --they make excuses, such as:  I have to make a delivery and I can't find the address.  I told my wife I'd drive by and take a picture.   We just want to see what they look like, we're not going to go in or anything.

I did have one older Italian couple come in once and he wanted to know about the billboards and why it said  "girls, girls, girls."  I told him it was a brothel.  But he didn't quite get that word.  I kept on trying to explain it in  non-emotional way, and he just couldn't figure it out.
All of the sudden his wife said  It's a WHOREHOUSE!   Then he laughed and said,  Oh  "WHOREHOUSE".   They thought that was the most amusing thing ever.
I got a kick out of them.

I am getting ahead of myself....I really do have a whole post written up.....almost....about brothels.  It's quite amusing and enlightening.  I think.   And it fits right in with my cookbook countdown..... as I have the official brothel cookbook.  Cat House Cusine.
(omg....I can't believe I'm actually writing about this!!)

Stay should be fun(ny).

more of my drive to work.....   WE NEED the snow!!  So we were all happy.


bermudaonion said...

Everything around here would shut down if it looked like that! Stay safe and warm!

MM said...

Hey! You got your snow!
I did a double take at the first picture. Yep. That's what I thought the sign read.

"I told my wife I'd drive by and take a picture"
Uh-huh. Likely story. Can't wait to hear more ;-)

Brenda said...

It's a WHOREHOUSE! Love it, lol!

Karen said...

Haha... you weren't talking to the Italian gent in a language he could unders
tand LOL

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