Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

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There is a Stephen King Reading Challenge going around.  It first caught my attention at  Bibliophile By the Sea, where Diane had the link to the original sources,  Coffee and a  Book Chick, (where there is another really cool meme called A Walk Around Town, that I just discovered ) and  Boarding in My Forties.

I love Stephen King.  The Stand is one of my all time favorite books. 
 This looks like  fun challenge to join, but I'm trying to stay away from  "joining" challenges this year, (because I never follow thru, or when I do there is so much pressure put on myself by me, I am just staying away this year)   although I do plan on reading some Stephen King for my own pleasure--his newest,  11/22/63,  is on the top of my list.

One thing I find interesting about King's novels, is that quite a lot of the evil,  takes place in the state of Nevada.  (or Maine.  We feel your pain Maine.) 
Evil  (Randall Flag in the Stand) walks along the lonely desert highways in  The Stand,   There is a made-up town of Desperation, Nevada in Desperation.  And there are other books by other authors who use Nevada for the evil setting -- I think Dean Koontz  uses Nevada for aliens in Strangers.

I find that interesting and kind of funny.   Why?  Why do they want to mark us as evil?  Is evil desolate?  Bleak?  Gloomy?      
Well....I guesssss   we do make a good  "setting" for the story.

(but you must take a vow not to be judgemental.    Every place has it's beauty.  Some are just better than others  to describe set the scene for wickedness   ~smiles~ )

A couple of summers ago, we went on a picnic out in the desert to the Lovelock Caves. 
Just and 'evil' hole in the mountain...not nearly as big or as famous or as touristy trapping (if that's even a phrase)   as other state's caves.   In fact, they are little known  (good for horror novels I suppose), and we were the only ones there that day.  (We as in 13 of us.  MAN!  Is that an evil coincidence or what?  13?  The bad luck number--and Stephen King horror/evil references all in one post? )
(i hope you know I'm joking)

The evil landscape as we drove to the caves...
taken while riding in the car.

Our evil hike begins.

My grandson Camron at the entrance of the caves.

Inside the  evil caves.

The Caves are up there on that hill.  

This picture just shows how "evil" the weather can be.
It can change in a moments notice.
The first one was when we arrived at the caves.
The second one was when we thought we better get the heck out of there before that storm got worse/came over to us.
We needed the  protection of our vehicles.
It was a mix of dust and wind and rain.


Alyce said...

Wow, that storm does look scary! I've been on a couple of road trips through Nevada and I've always thought that the scenery was gorgeous. Love all those desert mountains!

MM said...

Great shots. I really like the railroad tracks and would hang it on my wall. Also think the pic from inside the cave w/ light spilling in is especially beautiful.

I'm learning all kinds of things about Nevada from you. Evil...aliens...brothels!

Oh, and pita isn't hard, it's just time consuming. (Which I guess is often worse than hard)

Karen said...

I love the pic of the tracks. It's a really neat perspective. I love to go caving... so much fun!

Trish said...

Heh, how cool are those caves?! Yeah, Nevada sure looks evil alright ;)

Christine Rains said...

What amazing shots! I love going down in caves. The railway tracks pictures is my favorite.

Kay said...

THE STAND - what a wonderful book. It's on my "best books ever" list as well. And, yes, I feel for Maine. Love your photos of the caves and I do understand about thunderstorms. Thanks for sharing your Nevada life with us!

Lisa said...

Those are terrific pictures, especially the ones in the caves! As for evil, I think it just needs wide open spaces to grow in, and Nevada certainly has those. But we don't hold it against you. :)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Wow great photos (love the train tracks and the caves). Thanks so much for linking to me; I appreciate it --Looking forward to experiencing: The Stand. Glad u loved it.

Marie said...

Great photos, especially those of the caves and tracks.

Paulita said...

Very dramatic. I love the railroad track photo and that storm does look scary. Here's Mine

Louise said...

You told a great story with your pictures. Thanks.

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