Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello (and Booking Thru Thursday)

My friends and I have been discussing the word "Tomboy" and we are wondering if it's even relevant any longer? 
If 'strong is the new pretty'  (it's all over the Olympic coverage), and little girls are stepping over that line of things that are typically considered boy activities--will Tomboys just be considered normal and that word will eventually fade out?

Yes--it's exciting dinner conversation like this at my house!!   We know how to keep guests on their toes!

The Booking Thru Thursday question for today is:
Name a book you love in a genre you normally don’t care for. What made you decide to read it? Did it make you want to try more in that genre?
What genre do you avoid reading and why?

my answer is:
I used to never care for Science Fiction, or at least I thought I didn't,  but when we moved here,  15 years ago, I needed something to do, so I took a class at the local college--an English Lit class on Sci-Fi books.
It was a great class!!  I loved it.  It gave me a real appreciation for Science Fiction.
Sci fi
Having said that,  I can't think of the title of a sci fi book I love off the top of my  head.

So...I guess I failed to answer the question.  I lose.  (dang it)  I guess I'll just answer the second question.

I avoid reading chick-lit.  Why?  Because I used to read it all the time, and it's all the same.   There always is the random one which is not the same as all the other ones--and those surprises I do love.

WAIT!!  back to number one!   I don't care for (read hate)  the Self Help genre, but I book I love is.... is.... (sigh) nope,  can't think of one.

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bermudaonion said...

I know they say strong is the new pretty but princess seems to be the theme for the girls around here.

You should try Ready Player One - it's kind of sci-fi/dystopia.

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