Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Cooking


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This weekend I am going to show pictures of my old kitchen cabinets and my new kitchen cabinets, because finally, it's done. Hooray!!   And I love it.  My three friends who read this blog  (okay, maybe 5.  and my mom. ) might remember that we had invited   our friends Mitzi and Larry over for dinner and Larry was admiring the Handyman's tile job, and then he said  "you really need to do something with these cupboards"
I said,  "I know. We're going to paint them"
He said, "Don't do that---I'm build you some.  I'm bored this winter"
so I said,  "how much?"
he said,  "just materials.  I'm bored."
I said,  "I love you Larry!!"
He said,  "I know."

We've had the "I love you"  "I know" conversation quite a few times over the past 6 months.
(because I do love him and appreciate him!!  So does the Handyman)

Larry built the house they live in, so I knew what he could do.
Here goes:

Old cabinets:

New cabinets:  (finished EXCEPT all the new appliances,  (dishwasher and fridge) but they're coming soon)

Old cabinets:

New cabinets:  (is isn't as messy as it looks in that corner.   ~grins~ )

Old cabinets:

New cabinets:

all my cookbooks in one place!!

This is what I wanted to share--my kitchen cookbook case!
Every.  Single.  Cookbook.  At. My. Fingertips.  In order.   LOVE IT!!
(I'm never going to buy another one as long as I live.  Unless I see a really nice one. Pretty one.  One I just HAVE TO have. )

AND....hand stamped too!


bermudaonion said...

It looks fantastic! I'm so jealous of that bookcase! If Larry gets bored next winter, ask him if he wants to make a road trip to South Carolina.

Beth F said...

Wow!!!! That's what I call a friend. Awesome. And I too am jealous of that bookcase -- and the kitchen. Enjoy, enjoy.

Cecelia said...

Wow - a cookbook bookcase! That's intense and awesome. So glad you love your new cabinets!

Karen said...

They really are beautiful... Larry did a fantastic job! I love the drawer pulls, and are you *sure* you don't have a cookbook or two stashed someplace else? Ha!

Peggy Ann said...

Beautiful! I bet you just want to be in that kitchen all the time!

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