Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rained out

A few weeks ago,  I made the comment that the word  drizzle was on it's way out---I never hear it anymore.
Then I had to recant my statement.   Let me just say that I wasn't thinking of cooking  and EVOO, but rather the weather.  You have to remember that I live in the high desert---it really and truly does not drizzle.  EVER.  It might rain sometimes----really, really hard, like a cloud burst,  which will last for 15min to 2 hours, then the sun comes out again,  and it might sprinkle once in a while, but you kind of have to run around and try to catch those sprinkle drops, because they are few and far between. They do get your car dirty tho.
But drizzle?  No. We never have a steady light rain: drizzle.

So, my friends in the Pacific Northwest, specifically,  gave me a  bunch of crap!! 
I guess it drizzles in Portland and Seattle all the time.
I should have known that.  I know better.  But I get used to the desert,  the sun beating down, the higher than usual temperatures as of late, the drought!!    I forgot about the PNW (but they are dry this summer too, the darn drought hits all over).

Now come back with me to the present:  My friend April planned her "Movie Night"  for this year....and we were all very excited.   It's just a really fun evening.   They grill, we all bring a side dish to share.
She's done it for the past  3 years and it's always tons of fun.  We see people we don't usually see and it's fun to catch up. We eat good food, we drink good drinks  (we have to bring our own), and then we get to watch a movie.
The movie isn't the most important part---it's the idea of the movie night.   They pick a family friendly movie and once it gets dark, they bring out the popcorn, we all make jokes--yelling  down in front, to someone who is walking by,  some of us throw popcorn at our friends, some of us talk too loud---it's just a fun evening.

Unless,  You happen to get rained out!  Yes,  here in the desert, we had a downpour---but no one saw it coming.  We came, we visited, we laughed, we hugged, we ate, we drank,  we settled down to watch the movie.  It was dark, no one saw the clouds roll in--but all of the sudden,  we felt a sprinkle, then a few minutes later another sprinkle, then rain, more rain,  CLOUD BURST!

They had to take the computer/movie projector inside and ---well, 75 of their closest friends whom they  had in their back  yard, went running for cover--to their cars!!  They were deserters!!   What's a little cloudburst?  A little water never hurt anyone!
(one friend said it rained like a race horse peeing on  a flat rock---if you need a visual, that is.)

I was a talker so I was sitting in the back under the trees, so didn't really feel the downpour, just some drops thru the trees--we talkers just got up and walked into her house and finished our evening there....glasses of wine in hand.

It was an adventure and it was fun ---I mean the whole evening-- and people will be talking about it until  next year....when we do it again.

Thanks  April and Doug for such a nice evening.  You know  'being rained out' means it will just add to the excitement and anticipation for next year!!

Here are some pics from the fun:

I took a couple of the people who started to arrive---there was a big long line of them.  It just struck me as funny, because, the kept coming and coming.

And  I told you people were hugging old friends.
There are two huggers in this picture.

This is what their backyard looked like before the movie began...

But before it got dark, we ate, ate and ate some more:

And these?  The back row  people!!  (we talk more than we should, we still enjoy the movie, but you know, there are always those people---BUT, we didn't get rained on) 

I think April is telling the Handyman he cannot talk so loud during the movie this year!  ~smiles~

It was a great evening!  It always is.


bermudaonion said...

That looks like a big family reunion! I remember you writing about this before - it sounds like so much fun!

Karen said...

What fun!

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