Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday

My family has a cabin in Northeastern Oregon and we love to spend time there whenever we can.
This past September while vacationing there, I talked the Handyman into driving to this little town called Inmaha.  
It was only about 30 miles away and I have great memories of fishing and camping around there when I was little.
Imnaha has a population of 164.

I also wanted to see their little post office. The townspeople worked very hard to keep their post office open when the US Postal service was busy closing rural PO's.  It's open  6 hours a day Mon-Friday.

We drove thru this this valley to get there.

Besides a Post office and a School and a library, they also have a 3-in-one tavern-cafe-store.

I love this little store/tavern.
We sat here and had a hamburger and a beer while I filled out postcards to send from the Imnaha Post office.

Inside they have a poster with a rattlesnake count!
They do have a lot of rattlesnakes out there.
In fact, they used to have a big rattlesnake feed every year, but that event outgrew them.  In 2005 they had over 1000 people.
Hard to handle in a town so remote and so small.

But back to the rattlesnake count!
You see it, you kill it,  you bring it in.
There are prizes for the longest, shortest, the most, etc.
See all those names on the poster?  
Hmmmmm....  those represent snakes!

It's part of the charm of Imnaha.

It's a really cool old bar/restaurant/store tho.

A really unique place to go visit.

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Laura. said...

Wonderful pictures! I'd love to visit one day actually.

bermudaonion said...

That does look like a charming place to visit but I can't imagine living anywhere that small.

Light and Voices said...

I am afraid of snakes. I can't believe snakes are measured and that there used to be a Snake Fest. The place is so charming though. I enjoyed your cyber tour of Imnaha.
JM, Illinois

Tina said...

How much do I love this place with such a low population count. Looks like heaven! You post some of the nicest photos and it always makes me want to travel to the west.

Karen said...

OMG, I *love* to visit places like this! I could spend all day at that bar just looking at the stuff on the wall... and the bar stools are gorgeous! The Nez Perce tribe fought its final battle just south of Havre... so on the sign where it says "... was captured within 30 miles of Canada at Bear Paw Battlefield..." is just south of us! Small world.

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