Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday

On Wednesdays I'll sometimes join A Southern Daydreamer and her Outdoor Wednesday meme to share these pictures.
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Once in a while, I take the train to see my grand-kids in California.
I love the train.
I know that it's slower than taking a plane, BUT for me, I can catch train here in town vs driving 2.5 hours to the airport, and then paying for parking.
It's roomier than a plane.
You can get up and walk around on a train.
You can go to the little cafe on a train.
You can sit in the observation car on a train.
They are just really, really slow. ( Amtrak)
If you live on the West Coast that is.  There are a lot of mountains.

Anyway, I love to take the train to the Bay Area.  I look at it as  10 hours of forced reading for me.  Ohhhhh, that's so sad.  (she laughs)

Train tracks follow a different path than the interstate freeway system. Interstates were made to go the fastest way---not always the prettiest way. You really need to drive the back highways and roads to see pretty.

Trains usually go  thru industrial areas,  backwoods, and some seedy areas.

I took some photos from my last trip in the spring.  Just shots from my train window.
They're not great photos, but I just find the whole train thing-- interesting, fun, melancholy (train whistles at night) , romantic, wistful....

This is the first set of photos.

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Kathryn T said...

I can totally understand why you'd go by train! 10 hrs of reading is great and just time to reflect and think as well. Slow is good in our fast world.
Love the pictures, they give such a feel for what you see out the window. I think whatever country you're in, there are beautiful spots and the more industrial side of life from the window.
Hope there is another trip to California for you soon, grand-kids are a big draw!

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