Monday, October 19, 2015

Supper Club (or Cooking Club #4)

This theme this time for our Cooking Club was originally:  American Regional Cooking, Great Lakes Region.
Sally and Paul were our hosts.  
They are Wisconsin born and bred and they thought it would be fun to go the 
Supper Club route.
Supper clubs are so old they are popular again!

We tried the best we could!
We did a bit of research and what we really found out is:

Sally found this on the Wisconsin Supper Clubs  website:

Primer to Wisconsin Supper Clubs

The 615 Club relish tray – Beloit, WI

You know you’re in one of these Wisconsin faves if:

1. The owner greets you warmly when you come in and immediately asks how your family is.
2. A relish tray is the first thing the waitress sets down on the table, and it sports celery.
3. Everyone’s drinking whiskey or brandy old-fashioneds.
4. The server brings warm cinnamon rolls or sticky buns to eat with your salad.
5. Your nonsteak dinner options include liver and onions. (Or, on Friday nights, a fish fry.)
6.The waitress tells you the most popular dessert is a liquor-spiked ice cream drink.
7. You can’t order lunch or breakfast, but the bar may very well open during Green Bay Packers play-off games.
8. They let you order dinner at the bar and then go to your table when your meal is ready.
9. Most likely, the building, and the business, have been there for more than 50 years.
10. The bar has TVs, but they are rarely turned on–unless the Badgers, Milwaukee Brewers or Packers are on.

So... how did our hosts do?
They greeted us warmly (but forgot to ask about our family)
A relish tray was the first thing that graced the table
We had Brandy Old-Fashioneds

They did NOT bring warm cinnamon rolls or sticky buns to eat with our salads.
(they seriously thought about it tho)
Our non-steak/prime rib DID include a Fish Fry (no liver and onions tho, but that's okay)

Our waitress (Sally) DID tell us that the most popular dessert is a liquor spiked ice-cream drink.
And all the rest!
We didn't have the TV on a Packers game THIS time, but the last Cooking Club? We had the TV on for the Packers and Seahawks game---in another room so we could check the score--and we had a Packer fan and a Seahawk fan in the same room!
Most importantly--
We all have SO MUCH FUN!
Just talking food and being silly.
Yes! (more on that later)
Paul made a "Supper Club" sign!
We were the North Woods Supper Club.


In my research, there were only 5 things served at Supper Clubs as appetizers.
ONLY 5 things EVER!
Relish Trays
Fried Cheese curds
Cheese spread
Beer Cheese spread
Shrimp Cocktails.
I went with the classic shrimp cocktail.

Shelly kept us on Supper Club track with an iceberg lettuce wedge.
Blue Cheese Dressing and bacon bits to boot!
Shelly is the permanent substitute to our Cooking club.  She and Lorin fill in when someone is gone.
This is our 4th cooking club and Shelly's 3rd. 
(We missed April and Doug)

So much fun and laughter was going on, that I forgot to get pics of the 
HOT DISH brought by Gina-- Tater Tot Casserole
and the other HOT DISH made by Sally-- a brat and potato beer dish

Did I forget to mention we had a Supper Club Cat?
She joined us for dinner.

The lovely Supper Club meal was finished off with Apple Pie by Debbie.
Apple Pie is my favorite dessert of all time!
Supper Clubs normally have:
a liquor spiked ice cream drink
apple pie
cheese cake

Remember I said silly?
Well, after dinner, when we were having pie and coffee (some of us were still working on our old-fashion),  we brought out the cigarettes.
The CANDY cigarettes!

Thanks Sally  and Paul for hosting such a fun evening.
By the way--Sally was voted the most awkward cigarette holding person ever!
Paul on the other hand?

Debbie E. looked kinda natural too.
When she saw this picture she said "I look exactly like my mom"

Gina won 2nd place (or maybe tied with first) on awkward cigarette holding.

The Handyman and Shelly?
Look pretty at ease there.

Phyllis had  had enough!
Food, fun and friends!

It was a great evening.
Much fun for us FOODIES.

Next month the theme is:

It Should be fun.

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Lynn Huntley said...

Having lived in Wisconsin my whole life, I have spent many hours in a Supper Club, staring at a young age when my grandma would take us to her favorite where she ordered my first shrimp cocktail. My favorite after dinner ice cream drink is a pink squirrel and still is.
Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

Tina said...

You guys have so much fun! I was swipe sky laughing out loud when I saw the candy cigarettes! It all looks delicious and very "Mad Men" themed with the drinks and appies. Love it!!

Karen said...

I didn't know you could still find candy cigarettes! I smoked them all the time when I was a kid! I wish I knew enough people around here who liked to cook... this sounds like so much fun!

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