Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chocolate Chippers

Friday Friend = a good cook...or not.

Once again.....I will highlight an original Friday Friend.
My daughter in law, Sadie.
she has a blog... I stole this post from her blog... with her permission of course.
I thought it was sooo funny!
and was honored that her blog was in honor of ME. That was the title of her blog: "A Random cooking blog in honor of my MIL" Wow!

No matter what she says, I know she can cook up a mean Rice Krispie Treat!

oh...and I must note that in the blog she says she doesn't have the "attention span" to make cookies... and yet....she goes to Yale. Interesting. LOL

and now, chocolate chip cookies in Sadie's own words:

I don't cook and I don't bake at all, but tonight for some reason we were inspired to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch (something we never do, literally NEVER). The following is in honor of my MIL who has a cooking blog and is great at all things in the kitchen. She makes it look so easy.

1. Go to the store to buy the ingredients we don't have because we NEVER bake, and forget that one might actually need a recipe to do this. Oops... I guess the one on the back of the chocolate chip bag is good enough for us. In this process have a ridiculous moment of stupidity over the need for granulated sugar.

Me: "Granulated sugar? What is that? Is that some special kind of cooking sugar? Where do you even find it?
Marcus: "I don't know I'll call my mom" (Who didn't answer) but we read a package of sugar and noticed it's just normal sugar, why didn't they just say so.
We figured it out and successfully gathered our ingredients.(Notice the east coast butter, it's not shaped like that on the west coast).

2. Get home and decide to go for a run in lieu of making the cookies because it doesn't seem like nearly as much fun as it did a 45 minutes ago.3. Finish the run and decide it's now or never. I read as Marcus put the ingredients in the bowl, and we speculated over whether it was "suppose" to look like this. And that it required two whole sticks of butter, yuck.

4. Have an argument over the amount of chocolate chips needed. I dumped the whole bag in and Marcus had a heart attack, claiming his mom never used the whole bag, and that seems like a lot of chocolate chips. Although we didn't call to confirm this.

5. Put the cookies in our ridiculously small oven.

6. Eat some raw dough, (to which Marcus said, "enjoy the salmonella" and laughed when just a few minutes later said I done with it (I was feeling a little ill). It wasn't as good as I remember it being from when I was young and my five siblings and I would stalk the kitchen hoping to get one of the beaters. Please forgive my appearance as I mentioned in step number two we just went for a run, running makes me look like a tomato, as my entire face turns red.

7. Forget about the cookies as they're baking. (Seriously, all three times I forgot the cookies were in the oven this is why I don't cook I don't have the attention span for it.) They were only slightly more dark than they should be.

8. Marveled at the mess we made ...

9. and loved my husband who did the dishes in our dishwasherless apartment.

10. The finished product.

I'd say it'll probably be a good year before I attempt to bake something again. So this will be my first and last cooking blog. I honestly wish I had some desire or skill with cooking or baking but I just don't. Maybe someday ...

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Meghan Stone said...

If Sadie cooked well she would be a quadruple threat...brilliant, beautiful, funny AND a chef?? No fair... take the first three and order out my awesome neice in law! I think I mispelled neice? is it niece?? I think it is!! SEE... I can possibly throw together a dinner party... but my spelling is atrocious. Count your blessings! Let your MIL Debbie (who is quite fab at cooking) bake and ship!
Love, Aunt Meghan
ps- atrocious....??? spelling please?

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