Tuesday, August 19, 2008


TWD: Granola Grabbers!

Today is my first "EVER" TWD post. Yay! (and the crowd roars) (and I still need to put a TWD icon up...it didn't work last time I tried, so I will again....soon)

Granola Grabbers
The recipe was chosen by Michelle of "Bad Girl Baking" at http://badgirlbaking.com/

Thanks Michelle, it was a good choice for me, who is jumping in this challenge with both feet. It was pretty tame, as far as baking goes, of which I am so glad. This way I don't feel too "inadequate" in my baking skills. I have baked of course, but baking for family and friends vs. foodie bloggers with great skills and great cameras, is another thing all together.

It was fun. My husband, who is a bit confused by what I am doing said, "now do I get to eat these, or do these go overseas?" (I am also a member of Operation Baking Gals). Anyway, he was trying to snitch one as they came out of the oven and kept calling Dorie, Dottie. (sigh)

A good cookie. Easy to make, easy to "grab".
But they had a lot of stuff in them. I followed the recipe EXACTLY, as I was unaware, on account of my virgin TWD status, that we could change it up. So, I followed it to the letter, and they turned out great. My husband loved them, and I liked them very much. They were even better the next morning with a cup of coffee. In fact, there were kind of a "breakfast" cookie, don't ya think?
Nuts and fruit and granola? Breakfast foods!!
As I was saying, I did like them, but there are a lot of ingredients in there. I like all of the ingredients separately, but together they are a bit "too much" for me. I prefer a simpler cookie.
Having said that.....I still am grabbing (that's the purpose I believe) one every time I walk by the cookie jar.

see? Is the cookie jar half full or half empty? I am "grabbing" one every time I walk by.


Flourchild said...

Hey! Welcome to TWD! I love your cookies..they turned out so good. I loved that your husband asked if they were going over seas..how cute it that! Keep baking!

Anonymous said...

lol...Dottie. They look really tasty, very nicely done! Welcome to the group. :)

Prudy said...

I love your header and your blog title. And your cookies. Gosh, I just love everything, don't I?:) Big Welcome!

Jules Someone said...

Welcome to the group! I kept taking one every time I walked by them as well. It was a bad bad habit.

Cathy said...

Hi there! I am a newbie as well (so new, in fact, that my info. is not yet listed on the TWD website!) Oh, and my husband is confused by the whole "online baking club" concept as well (and I don't even have a second baking club that he can get mixed up with this one!!) I also followed the recipe to the letter. I think your cookies look fantastic!

Rebecca said...

Welcome to TWD! Oh, you got such an easy first recipe. Lucky!!!

Debbie said...

We could do a whole "I'm so new at this routine", but I might win the "naivete`" award. Since I am not sure how to reply to comments made on my blog.
so...having said that....I love all your blogs!! I'm having so much fun, seeing different recipes and ways to cook things.

Teanna said...

Welcome to TWD! Great post, great photos! They look fantastic in that jar!

Sharon said...

Ha! Welcome to TWD. Feel free to make changes to the recipe - that is one of the things that is so great seeing what everyone else comes up with.

Pamela said...

WELCOME to TWD!! You did a great job, and the cookies look fabulous! I could not keep my hands off of these cookies. Dangerous.

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