Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you remember

I am always in awe of and, I do have to say, envious of.... jealous of the great pictures my fellow food bloggers take.
I just get out my little Kodak, in my little dimly lit kitchen and snap away. (usually pushing stuff aside so it doesn't get in the photo too). But I get by. I think my photos turn out "okay".
Until today when I went to download/upload pictures for this post.

Now, let me backtrack just a bit... does anybody remember that Jerry Seinfeld routine where he is talking about hair? How we love hair, when it is on someone's head... we love to run our hands thru silky, shiny hair. Men dream of it, girls long for it, silky shiny manageable hair.
That is, until it's not on a head, but on your plate...and then we get all grossed out.

Yes, um, why is that?
My kitchen, my hair, my pictures. gross.
ha ha ha.
One of my hairs was on the egg plate (no fear, I didn't upload that one) It RUINED everything.
On my head, my glorious brown hair (bear with me, while I exaggerate just a bit), it looks good, it smells good, it's thick, it's shiny, I love when my husband tugs on it...I could actually say "don't hate me because I have beautiful hair", but there, sitting on the plate beside the egg dish (and believe me, egg dishes sometimes don't look that great photographed), my lone brown hair looks sadly and grotesquely out of place.

It was the best picture too. (sigh)'s a few pictures and a blog post. Try not to think about the hair.

I was on my way to a church function.....a ladies brunch. What could I take? What did I have in my fridge and pantry? Eggs! Cheese! Chili's and corn!
I'm done.
That's it.
Seriously's a really easy, really good dish for a brunch. We like it. You'll like it.

Eggs for a Gang
courtesy of my friend Theda.

12 eggs
4 cups cheese
2 cans creamed corn
2 cans diced green chilies --drain the juice
2 tbls. Worcestershire sauce
salsa if you want it--to spoon over the top

Mix all ingredients together.
Place in a 9x13 baking dish
Bake at 325 for one hour and 15 minutes

What you need

That's a log of eggs

And a lot of cheese

Really....uncooked eggs, don't look that appetizing

but right out of the oven? with a crispy little crust on top? mmmmm.....mmmmm

and then it up.

the perfect "easy" brunch for a crowd dish.


Jo said...

Pssst... got a hint for you... get yourself one of those free online photo editing thingys... edit the hair out. No one would be the wiser ;)

I know how frustrating it is though when pictures don't turn out the way you want or stray hairs fall at the wrong time.

*hug* your pictures are good!

Jo said...

hey... me AGAIN... I know once I find you, you can't get rid of me :P

I realized I didn't link you to any of those photo editing "thingys". So I thought I would come back and do that.

I use Picassa

But and also have some pretty decent editing tools.

That is all... just passing on the info ;) have a great day!

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