Monday, September 1, 2008

TWD.....later on. Wiener Mobile now.

I will post my TWD tomorrow...LATE. Right now it is still Monday at my house and I just got back from a vacation weekend in Washington State (more on this later), and I have still to make my cookies. Tomorrow...

Something strange happened on our way back to Nevada.
Let me backtrack a weekend at our house is the 2nd Annual Stone's (our last name) Wiener-fest!!
A hot dog party to say good-bye to the summer. Hot dogs, Italians Sausages, chorizos, linguisa...anything round and hot-dogish looking. With all the sides! chili, sauerkraut, mustard, relish, onions, cheese, NO's not allowed on hot dogs at my house. (sigh....I'll have it hidden under the picnic table for those who can't live without it).
Next Sunday, I'll have a long post about the Weiner-fest.
But the weird thing was, today on our 8-hour drive back home, my husband and I were talking about the weinerfest, what we needed to do to get ready and all of the sudden there in front of us was....the Wiener Mobile!!

We are sure it's more than coincidence.
It''s....GOOD LUCK. And omen.
We are bound to have a great wiener-fest!!

LOL..... we had never seen the wiener mobile before, so were quite excited.

TWD post tomorrow late... PACIFIC TIME, and more Labor Day weekend news during the day tomorrow.
And now....driving down the freeway....

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HoneyB said...

oh wow, if THAT didn't take me back 20 plus years.....Enjoy your vacation!

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