Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Trip

When we went up north last week, we had to eat. It was an 8-hour trip...thru the desert of Nevada and south eastern Oregon (you didn't know Oregon had a deserty part, did you? Most of it is green and lush, but there is the southeast corner, that segues from the Nevada desert to the green rolling hills of Oregon )
We stopped in this little tiny ranching community, Jordan Valley. They only have a gas station and 2 restaurants, and not much else. So...here is where we stopped. The JV Club. Seriously it was this or a hot dog at the gas station. But you know what they say...."diners, drive-ins and dives...."

It had 6 booths and 2 tables in the middle. And this waitress who whispered.
It was really strange....she would whisper ask if we knew what we wanted, and I said "WHA? HUH?" because I couldn't understand her, and then I felt bad because "what if" she had a speech impediment?

It was a very quiet little restaurant because when the waitress whispers, so does everyone else.

I had the halibut fish and chips
Rich had the malibu chicken.
The fish was good. The chicken was good. The chips were so-so.

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