Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eating out--Chinese Food--or two things I can do with one hand!

Let me set the record straight.... I can eat a whole meal with chopsticks (one hand) and I can crack an egg (one hand).
wow...I am so proud of myself. Of course, my 6 year old grand son, when he saw me crack and egg with one hand told me "grandma, you're doing that wrong". He cared not for my skill. He keeps me grounded. He's not that impressed. LOL

Our trip, continued: (because I can)
One either loves Chinese Food or one hates it. I don't think there is a happy medium here.

When we arrived at my parents house after an 8 hour drive, we went out to dinner. I love my mother's cooking, but we were there for such a short time and we arrived later, it was just easier to go out.
I got to choose.
So, I chose "the Chinese Gardens" because I like Chinese food AND this is the Chinese food restaurant of my youth. AND, it is the only thing in the whole world that doesn't disappoint me--it's just like it was in my memories, it hasn't changed since the 1960's and 70's. LOL ---FLAMING DRAGONS, velvet booths, flowing water..... ahhhhh....
I didn't get any pics of the food---too busy eating--- but a couple of the restaurant.
(I promise I will cook again. I have to make my mom's Korean chicken soon)
and let me explain that... the Chinese restaurant is the only thing that doesn't disappoint my memory. Like when you go back to your elementary school, thinking the halls were so long and the school was so big, and it really wasn't? That's what I meant. This restaurant hasn't changed at all.
and I really will cook again, but for now....

Does anyone REALLY go to a Chinese restaurant for "American" Food?

See?! The lovely Velvet booths. LOL With high backs and soft cushions.... no vinyl here. No sticky legs to pull of the sticky vinyl as you are getting out. Well, wait, the bench's might be vinyl. I was just so happy to be in a nice Chinese restaurant, I didn't notice.

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Prudy said...

YOu can't beat an old favorite. I have my preferred old Chinese place too. The menu never changes and I'm so glad of that.

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