Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cooking Club


We finally started The Cooking Club!
You might think it just looks like a normal dinner party, 
It is not.

It's our Cooking Club.

I tried to get everyone's attention to take a photo....
April's eyes are closed (sorry April), and I caught Debbie mid-bite (sorry Debbie) but at least every one is looking my way.
Everyone but the Handyman, that is.
(He's busy buttering his bread or something.  He must eat, has no time for photos)


 I picked my best cooking friends and we had a great time!

Gina and Sally

 Debbie and April

There is no picture of me.  Maybe next time.

This is what we did --- 
we drew names for a dish.
for example:   appetizer, salad, side, main dish and dessert.
And then we decided on a theme.
Tonight's theme was: cooking like mama used to do.
You had to make a dish that your mother used to make.  
Then you had to come talk about it and 'justify' it if need be.

We had so much fun talking about the dishes our mom's used to make.  Even the guys got into it, they started telling stories of  mom's cooking and food memories when they were growing up. 

Gina brought her mom's old recipe box.
It was fun to see the old typed ones?  It seems we all have some that were typed on note-cards. As well as all those hastily written on the backs of envelopes and stuff.
And you notice the 'old momish' type of appetizers?  Stuffed celery and olives and gherkins? 
Those were from Debbie E. she even served them in her mother's old serving dishes.

 I should have taken a photo of everyone's dish, but I didn't.
(what was I thinking???)
But our menu for our Mom's Cooking Theme was:
Stuffed celery/olives/pickles-- Debbie E
Mini Meatloves -- me
Vegetable Salad-- Gina
Scalloped potatoes-- Sally
Cream Cheese Brownies -- April

Just like our mom's used to make!!
Oh...and I put the type of bread on the table like my mom use to:
white bread slices on a plate!
(Sally's husband Paul was very excited about that! )

At the end of the evening, we drew from a hat  (Okay it was a basket-- that basket on the table there) and our theme for next time is
Cajun Cooking!
And I just happened to have a cookbook I got out for everyone to look thru.

 (see that book shelf in the background --- those are all cookbooks.  I have a problem)

I can't wait till next time!!
We talked food, and our moms and books and birds and food!

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Beth F said...

What fun! I love the idea of drawing for the course and love the theme of mom's cooking. Cajun? Yum.

Karen said...

So much fun! Loved that you put a plate of white bread on the table, too. How often are you going to get together?

Susan Lindquist said...

What a fun idea!

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