Monday, March 9, 2015

This and That

Something has happened. I didn't want it to happen.  I talked myself into thinking it wasn't going to happen to us--- not to the Handyman and me!


I bet a lot of our friends are thinking it isn't going to happen to them either.
But  it's kind of inevitable.  It just happens.
You wake up one day and you have become --- an old married couple!

Our conversation the other night:
(for background, our laundry room (aka laundry closet) is close by our TV Room. The other night we thought something had fallen behind the washing machine-- we could smell a different smell, like carpet shampoo or something.  It was not bad, but we couldn't place it.  We looked and looked and wondered what was that smell.  We thought something had fallen behind the washing machine)  All of the sudden the Handyman goes to the garage.  He comes back in and sits down)

Me:  What were you doing?
HM:  I was looking for a mirror. ( he was looking for a mirror to see behind the washing machine)

Okay...I hear beer.  He was looking for a beer.  It's 9pm on Sunday, so it's strange, but I just went with it.

Me;  Well, there's some out there.
HM:  I didn't see any.
Me:  Are you sure?  I just bought some  yesterday.
HM:  You bought a mirror yesterday?

I still hear beer.  

Me: Yes, I bought a 20 pack yesterday
HM:  You bought a 20 pack of mirrors yesterday?

I still hear beer.

Me: Yes!
HM:  Well, there's none out there now  
HM:  What?
Me;  You've got to be kidding me!! Who drank all that??
HM:  What are you talking about?
Me:  Richard!  (I call him that sometimes)  There is beer out here!!  (I had walked into the garage to prove to him )
HM: I'm looking for a blankety blank  (he says that sometimes) MIRROR! (he followed me out in to the garage and grabbed a beer)
Me;  oh.

We walk back into the living room.
Our adult son is standing there holding a laundry basket.  (he's in transition and is at our house for a short while)
I say,  "Can  you smell that smell?"
He says,  "I put Downy in the laundry"

The Handyman and I say  "oh."
And then we go back to watching TV.

I hear my son say, under  his breath, you guys are weird.

HA!  He doesn't think it's going to happen to him!!  But.... it will.  Just wait.

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