Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday

When I write about Nevada -- it's all about the north. Cuz that's where I live.
But when we travel to Arizona to see our son and his family, we travel south.
And we go thru a couple of little towns that I love.
Goldfield is one of them.
Almost a ghost town itself, it used to be BOOMING. (as were most Nevada towns at one time)

They say the Goldfield Hotel is haunted.
I like to believe it's so.

I don't want them to ever tear it down!

We drove down south to pick up our granddaughter last weekend.  It is her spring break and she is spending it with us.
Her brother didn't get to com, as every day is spring break for him.  

In Southern Nevada we begin to see Joshua Trees.
We don't have these up north.
Even desert landscape changes.

I like to take pictures thru the car window.
It drives the Handyman crazy.
see the bugs?

But, he didn't go this time!

I love this old hotel too.

The Mizpah Hotel in  Tonapah, Nevada.

Nevada is kind of like a homely child ---
--- only a mother could love it!
(That's a horrible saying!!  but you get what I mean, right)

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