Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Post #5

This is my Sunday Post #5
The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.
(I  just noticed that it is her 190th Sunday Post---this is my 5th.  I've always been late to the game.....sigh)
I have been kind of missing in action on the blog front.  I wish I could be like so many of you and post on  regular basis, but .....  ?
I haven't even posted my round up for Nonfiction November!  (it was the best blogging/book time of the year.  I had so much fun)
Thanksgiving came and went---and now the first week of December is over.
Last night we had our Christmas Parade--- It's a Candyland Christmas.  And where I work (The Chamber of Commerce) we are in charge of that.  I have to be honest---I feel a little bit like Natalie Wood in the Miracle on 34th Street.  It's always such a fun time and so magical to be in the background of the parade on the night it takes place.  Everyone's so festive and full of the Christmas Spirit!    But at the same time, I'm SO GLAD it's over.
Now to finish my Christmas shopping, wrapping, mailing, and a little bit of baking.
Last week on the blog?
1. ONE. 
One post!
What have I been doing this past week?
Work!  We are in the middle of Board of Director Elections.
This is always an anxious time for me, as my bosses change every year. 
Getting ready for the parade.
Trying to read books for my book clubs.
Realizing that I am very behind on Christmas gift buying.
We just started watching Arrow on Netflix.
We don't have cable or DirectTV.  I had assumed when we made this decision last year, that we would be PBS watchers and read all the time. (which we do our fair share of...but)
We have become Netflix junkies and get very involved in marathon watching new series every once in a while.
I am listening to Christmas music.  One is either a lover or a hater of Christmas music.  I am a lover of.  Right now I have the Boston Pops Orchestra Holiday station on Pandora, but I've also discovered I really like Blake Shelton.  I don't even like country music!
But I do like music.  A lot.
Before I leave you for the week (on the Sunday Post at least) (and without telling you any books I'm reading)
I have to share a few pictures from the Turkey Trot that we did on Thanksgiving morning.
We woke up to some snow and 19 degrees out.
I had registered a family team of 10.
These two were the only brave ones who got up and out with Gram and Granddad. (that would be me and the Handyman)
The  Up and ATT 'Em Turkey Trot is to raise Alzheimer's Awareness.
My mom had Alzheimer's---she has passed away, but today, December 6th is her birthday. (just had to give a shout out to her!)
These two grandchildren of mine have lost 2 great-grandmother's to Alzheimer's.
We  like to remember them in a positive way like this.
Emerson wanted to do the 5k.  (we had a choice of 3k, 5k, and 8k)  I think we ended up doing our own 2k. It was COLD.  But we WON! And that was Eli's goal.
The Handyman looks like a popsicle!

My friend Shelly, me and the grandkids!
(Shelly's the one making the new Friday Friend Cookbook for me!)

 Shelly's family----complete with Sierra the Dog in her Turkey Trot shirt!
Sierra is always game for a dress up!
Her she is at the Hillbilly Traveling Cocktail party of 5 years ago!

And the best thing this week was our Friday Night Friends meal!

I'll get back to books soon!!
Have a great week!


bermudaonion said...

I am so not ready for Christmas. Hopefully I'll get on that in the next couple of days. I love that your grandchildren did the turkey trot with you but 19 degrees? Wow, that's cold!

JoAnn said...

I'm right there with you on the Christmas shopping! I'm going to get mine done this week if it kills me... and it just might ;-) Loved all the photos!

Katherine P said...

I'm a Netflix junkie as well. And really a TV junkie in general. My husband wanted HBO when we moved over to a different cable company but to get HBO we had to sign up for EVERY premium challenge. We already had Netflix and Amazon Prime so just to top off the madness I signed up for Hulu! I have almost as much stuff I want to watch as I want to read! I love your pics! The Turkey Trot sounds fun but waayyyy to cold for the likes of wimpy me. This year I tried a new plan to get all the people who are on my list that are hard to buy for taken care of early and it seems to have worked. I figure I'll still be running around 2 days before Christmas but hopefully it will at least be fore people who are easy to shop for so I'm less likely to have a melt down. Have a great week!

Stefanie said...

OMGoodness, what weather for a turkey trot! I spy a great beanie on a cute little angel!

Literary Feline said...

I imagine putting an event like the Christmas parade is a lot of work! exciting in its own way, but exhausting just the same. I am a bit of a Netflix junkie myself. And I love Christmas music too. :-) What great photos! The Turkey Trot sounds like fun--even if cold! I hope you have a great week too!

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