Monday, August 15, 2016

Breakfast, or Let's Just Call This Brunch, for dinner-- cooking club/supper club

Supper Club?
Cooking Club?

We have a bit of an identity crisis--but in name only.  I call it two different things, depending on the time of day (and it drives a couple of our peeps crazy).  I can't help it tho.
We are a club ( a group of friends) who get together and have a themed supper.  We don't actually cook together, but--
We do have the most fun together!!

It's like a pot luck but we have a theme and have agreed to bring the best, to be ready to defend our choice and to talk food all night long.
Sometimes we've even had a quiz.

At the beginning of June, we met at April's house where she hosted our
"Breakfast for dinner"

But really --- who has that (above) for 'breakfast for dinner?"
Mini quiches, sweet potato and kale hash--topped with a fried egg, sausage kabobs, fruit salad?
Most of the time if I make breakfast for dinner, it's:
French toast
pancakes and bacon
fried potatoes and scrambled eggs

Not these women and men tho---they pulled out the big guns and made one of the best breakfasts/brunch I've ever had.

Yes, I do have 3 photos of my dinner plate down here.
It was all just so amazingly good!!
I mean restaurant type of good!
Good, good GOOD!!

I was making homemade cinnamon rolls, which turned into sticky buns.  I had one with pecans and one without.  (for all those weirdos who don't like nuts)

We ate in April and Doug's game room.
And the question of the night was posed to the men:
(cuz I had asked the Handyman earlier in the week)
Do you remember the first time you told your wife you loved her?

Titillating dinner conversation right?
I thought so!
The Handyman immediately voiced a warning:
Don't answer this is a trap, he said to his fellow man around the table! But I made everyone answer anyway.
Actually it made for a  lot of fun memories and laughter thru-out dinner.

For the record, the Handyman did not answer me right away when I had asked him that earlier in the week, he just laughed at me.
The next day he sent me a text which said,
"What I said was "I think I'm falling in love with you."

He is correct!
(and all of the men at the table at cooking club got their stories right also--yay husbands of 35+ years!)
But I still had to give him a bad time and said "you were hedging your bet even then?  You THINK?  

After our love stories we moved on to a conversation about breakfast cereal and Dr. Kellogg and his sanitarium and his patient Daniel Post. (the two most well known cereal brands today Kellogg's and Post
Important facts: (taken from the Mr. Breakfast website)
When Tony the Tiger says, "They'rre Grrreat!" is he talking about his bowels? As strange as it sounds, he could be. 

Experiments that resulted in our first breakfast cereals were all attempts to create foods that would help regulate the gastrointestinal system. In the late 1800's, your ancestors were eating a lot of pork and beef for breakfast. Since their diets were mostly devoid of fiber, gastrointestinal disorders were common. 

The group of people who set out to fix this problem -- those responsible for cereal brands we still buy today - are real-life heroes -- as fantastically intertwined as the characters of General Hospital or Melrose Place - and they were on a mission from God.

You could read this fascinating story here.

We also discussed our favorite childhood cereals that are no more to be found!  Crispy Critters for one!

I wish we could have cooking club/ supper club/ dinner club
every week!

And the happy couples of cooking club are:
(usually shown with their dishes, but not this time.
Well, wait a minute-- the men are shown with their hot dishes, right?!)

Shelly and Lorin 
(who is grimacing,trying to remember when he told Shel he loved her)
Her dish was a great bacon wrapped sausage!

Sally and Paul
Sweet potato hash with Kale, a drippy fried egg and a Parmesan crisp.
And a fruit salad.

Debbie and Charlie
(with Lorin photo bombing--it was the only pic I had of them)
Individual quiches
Hash Brown Casserole

Our hosts, April and Doug
Sausage ka-bobs and Mimosas 

Me and the Handyman.
I made cinnamon sticky buns --from scratch!

Most everyone made 2 dishes for their category.
Sometimes it's very hard to decide what to do, so you just make two.
I have to say ...this meal was one of the best ever!!

And these cooking club meals were all good too...

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Cooking Club #7  Breakfast for dinner
Cooking Club  #8  Slow cooking  (coming soon)

Happy Eating!
See you next time.


bermudaonion said...

Your club sounds like so much fun. I'm going to quiz Carl tonight but he said, "I think I love you" to me. I wonder if he and the Handyman are related?

Susan Lindquist said...

Love the themes you've done so far! And I SO wish I could drum up some interest within our little community for a supper club! Everyone always has a million excuses why they're too busy for this kind of socializing! RATS!

JoAnn said...

What fun!! My husband actually said, " I think I'm asking you to marry me!" Must be a guy thing...

Stefanie Ng said...

How fun. I bet you are a lively bunch.

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