Sunday, November 23, 2008

November Sunday afternoons

The reason I love Thanksgiving time....
We live in Northern Nevada and while it might look nice outside, it is still cold.
I love it when it is cold outside, but the sun is shining and my kitchen is warm with the oven cooking things.

It smells good..... we also have a fire in the fireplace, Rich is up on the rooftop now, putting up Christmas lights...before it snows and he can't get up there.

We have noises in our house (and we are not very "green" on Sunday afternoons), Football on one TV, no on is watching, but they come thru every so often to check the scores.
I have the food network on in the kitchen....and somewhere I can hear a distant radio playing, very softly.

My Christmas cards are waiting to be addressed.

Rich and Dustin in the garage getting out Christmas decorations. (When they're not up on the roof)

I like the noises and smells of the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It's just a lazy nice day.

I think I'll make some macaroni and cheese.

And will see the end result....

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