Thursday, November 27, 2008

Out with the old

Out with the with the new. New season, anyway....

But first....see the turkey?
The Turkey is very old. My mother in law, made it for me about 29 years ago. She had one to decorate her yard and would put out the turkey and a chopping block and a hatchet.
That was 29 years ago....leaving a hatchet in your front yard today seems to just be asking for trouble, so I don't think she does that anymore. I don't even know if her turkey is still around.
Mine has seen better days....poor old Tom....but I wanted her to see it, and that we still put it on our porch.

I should have taken a better picture too.... the white iron chair behind the turkey had a plant on it, until I moved it right before I took the picture.
We were finishing putting up our Christmas lights and outside decorations.... poor old Tom went into the shed again, until next year.
And now...... the changing of the wreath!

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