Friday, November 14, 2008

Thanks Georgie

A Gift from a friend.....

I'm not sure where to put this it is not exactly a cooking blog, nor a book blog, but it does have food in it, so I guess here is good enough.
Yesterday at work, my phone rang, and it was my good friend Georgann, whom I hadn't talked to for quite sometime. E-mails, yes, but over the phone, no.
She asked if I was going to be home today because she was sending me something perishable.
I said yes.
I was intrigued.
Our conversation was short.

We have been (the original Friday Friends Forum) discussing Jell-O salads, and I jokingly asked if that was what she was sending me. She just laughed. (I shared this in the FF Forum and I know everyone was just waiting to see what she was sending... it was perishable was all we knew)

The afternoon, the DHL man showed up at my door! How exciting.

I try to sneak a quick picture before he drives away..... I am not quick enough, it is blurry.

The Box. wow! This is exciting.

I slowly open the box....

awe... a note from Georgann!!

WOW! How fun.... she knows me, she really knows me. I love apples and all things apple desserty. (If Theda is the pumpkin Friday Friend, I am the apple one).
She sent me a Fuji apple with homemade caramel and chocolate, sprinkled with almonds and coconut.
It was a huge apple. I mean really big.

mmmmm good.

Slicing. Look at that caramel!

and a bite out of it!! Blurry as I am shaking in my boots with ecstasy.
(it was really good)

Yay! A wonderful surprise gift in the mail.
Thank you.

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