Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend, day #2

Some of you who come to find recipes  (which you haven't for a few blog posts lately)  can just skip this---it's mostly for my friends and family who were at my birthday weekend in Wallowa Lake, Oregon.

As I said yesterday,   I had an agenda for people to follow.  But I wrote things like this:
6:00   hike for those who want to.  meet at my cabin
6:00  fishing for those who want to.  you're on your own
6:00  sleeping in for those who want to.

10:00 Mimosas and visiting at my cabin

etc etc etc.

Just FYI---I had some lazy hikers!  The Handyman and I always hike in the morning when we are at the lake, but these guys wanted to sleep in!
On Friday, the 5th, we had 6 hikers and on Saturday, we had 6 hikers.  4 remained the same each day and 2 people changed.

Some of us had lunch at a local Brewery/Pub called  Terminal Gravity.    The food was REALLY good.  Oh yeah, the beer too.
Some of us were horseback riding and some of us were spending time at the beach/lake.
My parents ended up surprising us while at lunch  (I had sent the agenda to everybody.  haha haha   MY agenda included having lunch there at Terminal Gravity )  They arrived in a pickup truck carrying all kinds of patio furniture and some ice-chests.   We didn't recognize them as they drove by and we made fun of the people who came bringing their own chairs.

Hmmm....   my mom and dad.   

It was  a nice setting with really good food.  I suggest you go there if you are ever in Enterprise, OR.   The clams were to die for!!   Beer was good.

Lunch--day#2  of my birthday weekend.

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