Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love my bookclub #2

I love this book club too!!!
This book club, the Lit Wits, is also a dinner club.  The hostess, chooses the book, and makes a dinner to feed all of us.
It's quite fun as you know I love to eat, and cook, and talk about food, as well as read and talk about books.
It's two, two, two clubs in one!!

We read and discussed "Hideaway" by Dean Koontz.  And of course, no one wanted to look my way when I was taking a picture.     We had a really nice discussion and dinner in Stephanie's back yard.  It got to be late and dark before I remembered my camera.

Notice any books on the table?  No?   We all had Kindle's or Nooks or Audio books this time.   But we had some great book talk going on.

I will be back tomorrow to talk  (maybe review )  about both books from this week's book club.
I just couldn't let the night go by without showing this book club some blog love too.


I didn't think book club was as boring as it is......
apparently it puts people in trances... to sleep....
I am just really bad at taking pictures (without my glasses)


AND last night:

They will kill me if they ever see this, but ---at least I know they're looking at my blog. 
(they love me, so they'll forgive me)

(I think)

Anyway....It's been a great week for discussing books


sadie607 said...

A book club with no "real" books that's just wrong haha.

bermudaonion said...

Y'all are dedicated to cook dinner for each other. I don't think I love my book club that much!

Karen said...

Isn't it amazing that for the split second it takes for us to blink, the camera catches us more often than not??!!

shelly said...

Ok, we know the camera is part of you...but, come on, can't you delete these "trance" pictures?

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