Saturday, August 13, 2011

Snapshot Saturday

I have tons of photos I could have used, wanted to use and will still use, for Snapshot Saturday, but...
this week I went to a ribbon cutting for work--the name of the places was  "Just P'nk" (a nail salon) and she had dyed her dog pink!
It was weird/funny to me.  The Handyman and I are big dog people and, well, we've never seen a dyed dog before.

And this morning I went to a baby shower and there were a bunch of babies.  We put them in a pile and took pictures of them.
I thought their size was funny, although you can't really tell in this pic.


They went from big to small,   5 months to newborn.

Ya gotta love a baby!  Well I guess you don't  'gotta'  --- but I do.   I just LOVE that I'm too old to have one.  And I get to squeeze them and hold them and rock them and give them back to their mama's.

And with my grandchildren, I get to spoil them and teach them  fun things and love them so much my heart bursts....and then....give them back to their parents.

Of course I think my grandchildren are the cutest things EVER (as you do, yours) but I also love to watch other grandparents  with their grandchildren.
It just amazes me what those little things  (and bigger ones too--my oldest who is 9, just got his first cellphone and texts me every  30 minutes or so--gramma? what r u doing?
I think I am his only cell phone friend)   can to do your heart.  It's fun to me to watch the interaction between grandparents and grandchildren.

But I digress......  the size difference of these babies was  17lbs,  12 lbs and  9 lbs.
It's amazing what difference a few pounds can make.   
Whether  you are  5 months or 50 years.... !

I am linking up to Snapshot Saturday hosted by Alyce at  "At Home With Books".  It's a fun Saturday meme.   Be sure and stop by and check out the other great photos.


bermudaonion said...

Why in the world would you want to dye your dog? I wouldn't put a dog through that.

9 pounds is pretty big for a newborn! I love babies too!

Trish said...

That dog looks like cotton candy! And those babies? Too cute, all of them :)

caite said...

I am dog sitting my brother's very white doggie this week. going off to look for some food coloring now....oh, won't he be surprised!! lol

Melynda said...

Love babies! Can't wait for more grandbabies, no pressure kids!

Alyce said...

You can't go wrong with a dogs and babies - so cute! I've never seen a pink dog either. :)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

"We put them in a pile and took pictures of them."

For some reason, that line cracked me up. I guess I was thinking of a literal "pile" of babies. Not babies neatly lined up.

Too cute!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

That is crazy--the pick dog. The babies are beautiful.

gautami tripathy said...

Enjoyed looking at the photograph!

Here is my Saturday Snapshot post!

Karen said...

I guess dyeing a dog isn't any worse than someone coloring their hair, huh? Cute babies :)

Anonymous said...

Dyeing a dog, some people... The babies are really adorable.

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