Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Chapter (and some other stuff)

Today is Tuesday!  Time to share a First paragraph from a book we want to read and to see if it entices you--to either read it or join along with Diane at Bibliophile by the Sea in her weekly meme.

Here is the first paragraph from a book I am starting this morning:
I left my wedding dress hanging in a tree somewhere in North Dakota.

That's it.  I love one line opening paragraphs.
I  really do love the first line  in this book tho, not just the fact that it was one line and easy to copy.  I would read this, because  the first line does entice me, and a few of my friends have read it and loved it,  but also I have to read it for one of my book-clubs this month.
So, there is no getting out of this one.
Not that I would want to.

The book?
Julia's Chocolates
Cathy Lamb

The book club?

The Lit Wits
(this isn't all of  them/us.  5 of us  were not there, one wouldn't let me take her picture and I was taking the pictures)
We were having wine and appetizers and discussing  Wife 22, in my backyard, last month.
I love these ladies!

And not to leave anyone out...

my other book club

Totally Lit!
(also in my backyard.  Once every couple of years it works out that I am hosting both book-clubs on the same week.)
We have wine  (again) and appetizers (again).
I love these ladies too!

They are all probably going to kill me when they see that I've posted the pictures I've taken.
So, if I'm not back on here for a while, you will know what happened.

I just wanted to say that my book club nights are the best nights of the month for me!
(except of course, the nights I spend with the Handyman)
(especially when we fall asleep in our chairs at 8:30 while trying to stay awake to watch a TV show--very exciting!)
(I am joking of course---every night with the Handyman is exciting. )

But I love my book-clubs.  I LOVE them.
And I love to discuss books with them, so  I am very much looking forward to reading Julia's Chocolates.


JoAnn said...

That's quite an opening... I really like it and would keep reading for sure.

Book club meetings are the best! I hope your friends aren't too mad at you ;-)

Karen said...


Nise' said...

I've liked every book I've read by Cathy Lamb and will be on the look out for this one. You are so fortunate to have two great book clubs. Your backyard is gorgeous BTW.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I love Cathy Lamb's books, but never read this one somehow -- I'd surely keep reading.

I love all your book club photos -- I haven't been able to find a good group around here:(

Thanks so much for joining in - please join us again.

Cipriano said...

That;s a great first sentence -- first paragraph. Makes me want to know WHY her wedding dress is hanging in a tree -- and how it got there.

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