Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outdoor Wednesday

I did not grow up in Nevada, so when we go 'up north' to Washington state to visit our parents, I get so excited about seeing water, rivers, lakes, etc.
I grew up where the Snake River flows into the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.   The Columbia River is a great river.  It was supposed to be the Northwest Passage, if you remember any history. Lewis and Clark?  Sacajawea?  The Louisiana Purchase?

Anyway.... when we were up to see our parents this past week, we had dinner on a little island off of the town I grew up in.

This was our view from the restaurant.  The Columbia River.  
First one bridge...

and then the other....

We watched the sun go down as we drank some famous "Rum Bowls" from Cedar's Pier One on Clover Island.

and then I tried to get a good shot of the bridge at night...which was hard from me after a couple of Rum Bowls.  

I love the river.  I love having grown up on the river.
I'll be sharing a blog post about a book I read about the Columbia  River soon.

For now, tho, I am linking to  A Southern Daydreamers  Outdoor Wednesday.
She's been doing this a long, long time.  I think today's post is the 240th Outdoor Wednesday.   There are some  very pretty 'outdoor' posts that people share.  I love to look at all of them.  You just post outdoor photos and link up.


bermudaonion said...

I imagine just about anything would be hard to do after a couple of Rum Bowls! I love the water too.

Susan Lindquist said...

So lovely ... I especially love the third photo of the lighthouse as seen along the shoreline pretty! Glad you have had a chance to visit 'home'!

JoAnn said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos.

Karen said...

Nice pictures! I want a Rum Bowl :)

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