Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means I can link up with  

Now, while most people who will link up have glorious photos of the outdoors.
Gorgeous pictures of mountains, deserts, flowers, oceans, etc.

I'm not like most people, because I'm going to show you the great outdoors of a 

I hope it doesn't freak you out.
They are beautiful.
But that's not the reason I am sharing photos of a graveyard.
I went on a tour. 
A Historical Tour.
It was very interesting.

The weekend before Halloween, I went to visit my friend Dorthy "Dink" Minor in Elko and we had a great visit.
She's a geriatric social worker and we had a much needed (for me anyway) talk about aging parents/ Alzheimer's and growing older ourselves.
While our talk was between old friends,  her working with the elderly didn't hurt the conversation.  
I'm just sayin.

She's a very professional woman.


Don't let this fool you!
She really is.  Professional!   She works with the elderly.
I would trust her!!
She's kind and considerate... and just lovely!

We were just having fun doing a bit of pumpkin carving before the graveyard tour!

Her beautiful daughter Brynn

I had such a nice time!
We laughed and watched old black and white movies in our jammies, and talked of the ghost that lives in their house.
We ate popcorn and pumpkin seeds and pizza.
You know...all those good Halloweeny things.

I have a hard time not GUSHING about my friends and telling you how smart and funny and wonderful they are.
But I won't do that  here.  It's not the time and place to tell you all those things about  Dorothy and Brynn.

I used to live in Elko.  In fact 2 of my children were born there and Dorthy came to watch my oldest 2 during the night when I went to the hospital with my 3rd.
I have fond memories of living here and still have many friends in the area.

We gathered at this little mausoleum on the hill. 

Any tree in the fall and any tree in Nevada is

We had a good laugh over this one---
What?  She wasn't good enough to get her own headstone?

Some of them were so old they were literally following apart.
Some said this was a vampire trying to get out!

You don't get good headstones like this anymore!
(your family couldn't afford it)
and now... cemeteries want as little maintenance as possible.
Flat  headstones makes that possible.

The road less traveled?

I have a thing for dead trees!

DEAD trees.
That's kind of like a pun.

I love the bench in front of that old stone cross.
I want a headstone and bench just like that.

We learned tons of interesting historical facts on our tour.
It was a beautiful fall day.


bermudaonion said...

I guess it would be interesting to visit an old cemetery but they generally make me sad.

Light and Voices said...

I'm like an Erma Bombeck in a cemetery. I went to visit my dad's plot. I tried to go out the other way and got totally lost. Luckily a man in a gardening truck happened by and said go right then left and with youngtimers I couldn't remember the directions after the right turn so, he led with his truck and I followed in my car. Whew! Close one lost among the dead.
JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

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