Monday, November 17, 2014

Post #998

Yesterday I linked my blog to my Facebook page and said, that was the scariest drive I have ever taken,
See previous post and the dead trees?  We had to drive up a mountain, and part of the way was a 16% grade, one lane, dirt road, with a cliff on my side!!

The Handyman read my my Facebook status and asked me,  "really? That was the scariest drive you've ever taken?"

He sounded surprised.
I guess he couldn't tell by my laying down in the seat screaming at him to slow down!
(he was only going 15 miles an hour)

I would do it again.
It was beautiful once you got to the top.
I'll just know to take medication next time. 

The top is Hat Point, Oregon.
The Forest Service says:
Located on the ridgeline above Hells Canyon the Hat Point Overlook and Day Use Area offers fantastic views of canyon and the Wild and Scenic Snake River. The site has interpretive panels of the canyon resources and several scenic overlooks of the canyon below. A climb up the fire lookout tower allows better views of the river and rugged canyon landscape.

Did you see that?  RIDGELINE!!
ADVISORY: Forest Road 2640 is very steep, and narrow. Low clearance vehicles, RVs and vehicles pulling trailers are advised to use caution when traveling the lower sections of this road. The road can also be slippery when wet or frozen and is not recommended for trailers in the late fall and winter.

It was a scary drive.
But don't let that stop you.
It was beautiful.

This is the 998th post.
I feel as if I should do something for my 1000.
I'm cutting it close because I am posting another FF cookbook countdown this afternoon.

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bermudaonion said...

That drive would have scared me too because I'm a big chicken.

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