Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Day in the Life (of me)

Trish from  Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity  is at it again. She's hosting the 2nd annual  "Day in the Life" for bloggers.   She tried, she really tried to get everyone to be organized in their post.  AND early.
Most did, but who would I be, if I wasn't up early on the day it's due,  still writing away trying to post before noon!!
The trouble with being on the west coast and being a procrastinator is that most everyone has their "Day in a Life' posted before I get out of bed and I want to read them, not be writing about my boring life. 
Which is another trait of a procrastinator--being easily distracted. 
And this morning I certainly am, by all the wonderful blog posts out there.
But now...let me take you back in the day before yesterday... to my day in a life.
4:30am -- I look at my clock and think NO, No! Not yet!  Why can't it be 5:30? That's not too early to get up.  But by this time, I'm afraid to doze because my alarm is not set (I get up every day between 5-6 without an alarm clock),  so up I get.  Go downstairs and make coffee and settle down with a book.
I hear a really kind of creepy noise in the cabinet beside me...and this is what I see:
What the heck??!!

The cat!  Inside the file cabinet.  She knows how to get these things open. I have no idea how long she's been in there--she could have slept there for all I know, but hearing creepy scratching when you think you are alone in a room is eerie.  Cats are eerie.  I don't know why I like them.
15 minutes later the Handyman is coming down the stairs.  WHA??  Why is he up?  This is MY time.  I'm sure my voice was shrill  "What are you doing?  Why are you up?  It's not even 5!!"
Even tho I'm an early riser, I am not an early talker, so this  crazy statement comes out scratchy and hoarse and.....Loud.  To be fair tho,  it is MY time and he was intruding.
He just gets his coffee and shakes his head at me and....and.....TURNS ON THE TV!
It's amazing that we've made it almost 38 years, as our morning routines just don't mesh.
I stomp off to the other room to read for a while.  (I'm not a great stomper--so I just walk.  He doesn't even notice)
6:00am -- I take my coffee and go to my friend Debbie's house for our weekly 6am coffee, where we solve all of the world's problems.  We've been having coffee once a week for the past 14 years.  At 6am.  It's the best!
7:15am-- I stay a little bit too long and rush home.  The Handyman has already left by the time I get home. I eat a quick bowl of Raisin Bran and then go jump in the shower.
7:30am -- When I say jump, this is what I did.  I lay the bath mat in the tub.  This is not a walk in shower, but one in a tub, so I step over the tub and turn to face the water... I take one step forward and I find myself slipping on the bath mat which wasn't suctioned to the tub.  There is nothing to hang on to in my tub/shower.  We have no "old lady bars' to hang on to yet.  No shower door (it's a shower curtain).  Before I know it, I am lying face down on the bathroom floor. And it hurts, really, really bad.    To make a long story short---I fell, cracked my shin on the bathtub and must have landed on my thigh, both have hurt badly since then and I have huge bruising.  But at least I didn't hit my head on the toilet and die, because then... well, I wouldn't be writing this and you wouldn't be so enthralled by my day!
But as I'm lying there--and I lay there for a while-- no one, not cat, not dog--came to check on me!  On a normal day they are there, looking on as I get ready.  Usually under my feet and in my way, BUT when I need a friend?  They are no where to be seen!  Ingrates!
By the time I got up and called the Handyman, I was crying.  I'm just being honest, yes I cried a bit--it hurt. 
The Handyman came home!  He said to make sure I hadn't broken my hip---because you know what happens then!  You die within a year.
I am being silly, but you do hear of that happening to older people...they break their hip and the rest is history.   But let me just set the record straight--I AM NOT REALLY OLD.  I'm a young mid-fifties, now afraid of the shower, girl!
9:00am -- I finally hobble in to work. And hobble and hobble and hobble around all day.  It's lucky I work by myself, all alone, so I feel I can pamper myself by not doing work right away and write a blog post instead--It's Monday! What are you Reading--  okay, the honest truth is I do that a lot at work, but this day I told myself it was okay because I was hurt.  I was ready to play this for all it was worth!
So, I wrote my blog post.  I am in the middle of 5 different books!  I don't know how this happened.  It's never happened before--I don't know how I can do 5 books at one time.  I know I need to pick just one and get on with it.
Noon --  I go home for lunch (there are nice things about living in a small town--it's easy to go home a lunchtime) and check the mail.  It is THE BEST MAIL DAY EVER!   I say that any time I get a letter!!  But this time I got 2 letters (from Care in NC and Sally in PA)  and a coffee mug (from Susie in WA).  I tired to do the happy dance, but couldn't because of my injuries.  (told you I was workin' it)

1:30pm -- back to work to get ready for a ribbon cutting of a new business.  The afternoon consists of  the ribbon cutting,  back in the office for some paper work, and... (sigh) because my body still hurts, I took an extra long break and wrote a letter to a friend, then spend time reading blog posts.
4:45pm -- Leave work a bit early to make the post office so that my letter goes out this day.  AS a side note:  I LOVE writing and sending letters and in turn, receiving them.
5:00pm -- Library Board meeting.  I have 3 more meetings on the Board of Directors after this one (my term is over and I can't run again--term limits) so I am feeling  a lame duck feeling. I will miss being on the Library Board.  It's a long meeting.
6:45pm-- Leave board meeting and rush to a 'bag' party at my friend Gina's.  Thirty-one bags.  Have you heard of them?  Nice purses, nice bags, nice containers.  
This one is really a tote, but I'm using it as a purse right now... it has an S on it for Stone!
The one above?  A nice canvas tote which I will load up with my address book, stationary, stamps, etc to haul back and forth to work, JUST IN CASE, I have time to write more letters.
(these bags are ones I already the party, I ordered a small clutch purse and another bag) 

 I spent  a quick $80.  But more noticeably to me, I was stuffing food (cheese, grapes, crackers) into my mouth at an incredible rate, because I didn't have dinner! No one else was eating as fast as I was. Uh-oh.  I tell them about my falling out of the tub this morning, to take their minds off my mouthful of grapes and cheese-my gluttony.  They showed the proper sympathy---after all, they're my friends.  
 Also, a nice ending to the day-----a lemon/raspberry martini!
Wait a minute!  That wasn't the end.
8:45pm --  got home from the bag party and the Handyman was making popcorn.  He and I settled down in front of the TV  (sigh---I do give in to TV in the evening) and watched something mindless and had a bit of popcorn.
9:30pm -- we head upstairs to bed.  Yes, it's 9:30, but we've been up since 4:30.   We get into bed, he rolls over and throws his leg over mine.  Again, me with a loud shrill voice--Ow OW OW!!! My leg my leg!! (still working it) 
 It's a wonder he puts up with me.
I put on an audio book and my ear buds and listen to  1.2 minutes of "Skippy Dies" before falling asleep.  (I shouldn't even try, because I always fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, but I have high hopes of getting some book time in)
Always begin and end  a day with books!!
And THAT is a day in my life.  Pretty exciting, huh?


Karen said...

Love this!

Kay said...

Oh my goodness!! You made me laugh so much! You always do. So, first of all, I am sorry about your fall. Girl - take care of yourself and make sure that bath mat is sucked to the bottom of the tub!! You really could break a hip or a leg or an ankle. And you're not old. Well, if you are then I am, but anyway, take care.

Literary Feline said...

You are too funny. :-) I love this post, Debbie. I love your cat. That's something my Gracie would do. She's learned how to open the bathroom cabinets, and she so often will scare me in the middle of the night when I hear this "thump, thump, thump" of the cabinet doors as she tries to maneuver them open.

I am so sorry about your fall. Ouch. That would be me. Seriously.

If you don't mind a slow pen pal who isn't always good about getting back right away, you can write to me. :-)

Amanda said...

1) I'm totally in love with your cat just from that one little incident.

2) OUCH! I hope you're feeling better, or will be soon...

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

What a morning you had. I like how Handyman leaves you alone in the morning. My husband knows most of the time I don't want to be talked to and just left alone but he kept bugging me for hugs and sugar. Ouchie! I'm so sorry you fell. Damn. But glad the rest of your day had some great surprises and delicious things to eat and drink.

bermudaonion said...

You crack me up! Seriously, I hope your shin and thigh are okay. Tell the Handyman and the animals to help you have a pity party.

Michelle (my books. my life.) said...

I do that with my audiobook every night - I optimistically set a sleep timer for 10 minutes but I often don't remember listening to a single word.

I hope you are okay after that fall!

Chris bookarama said...

Ouch! Glad you didn't break anything. Love those bags!

JoAnn said...

Oh, no... sorry about the fall. And mid fifties is definitely NOT old ;-)
A minute and a half is about as long as I last with my audiobook at the end of the day, too.

Nise' said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing since you got hurt, but I can't help it! My husband likes his time in the am and if I intrude, he gets mad. Same with me and the evening. That is my time. Hope you are enjoying Skippy Dies!

Patty Magyar said...

That is an amazing day...the dinner...I would be stuffing food in my mouth fast, too!

Trish said...

Oh Debbie--I love the way that you've written about your day. With such humor--you had me smiling throughout. I can't believe your cat in the drawer! And I'm so sorry about your fall. Sometimes I think about if I were to fall down the stairs when I'm home alone and heaven forbid hub is out of town. Yikes! Thankfully it hasn't happened.

We watch TV in the evening, too. As did many of the posters. :) I think we're all closet TV watchers. And sometimes I pick up my book in bed JUST to fall asleep. Does the trick every time!

Thanks for sharing your day Debbie! And hey--with procrastination you're still halfway through the posters. ;)

Athira said...

Love love love this post! You are so funny! So sorry that you fell though. Ugh, that must have hurt bad! How awesome is that bag party! I will have to check out their bags.

Kailana said...

Sorry to hear of your mishap in the shower! Whoever put our shower in did put in some safety bars, which is good, because a similar instance happened here a couple months ago! We actually didn't use a mat, but since the guy almost hurt himself we now have one. I hate it. It is clear plastic and it is always dirty and impossible to clean!

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