Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Finally an Answer! Beatles vs Stones!

This Book!

I get that you might not be as excited as I am about this book... I get that.
BUT-- This has always been the elephant in the room in my house.
The Handyman on one side.
Me on the other.

Sometimes not an elephant but rather a huge discussion that could tend to get a little testy, if you know what I mean.

Okay...we don't argue/fight* about  sex, money, in-laws, children -- we kind of have those things down pat after all these years,  but  The Beatles vs The Stones?!
Bring it on!!


*it's true, we don't argue about the big things, but once we had a huge argument about "Lewis and Clark" and the Trail of Discovery.
Because... why not?
We know where our priorities lie!

In other news... I just finished 2 Foodie memoirs (My Homemade life and Life From Scratch)  in which the writer wrote essays about how much they loved their husbands and how much they appreciate them and how much their lives were changed by them and how much they were a part of each other.

I blurt out that we have fought about Lewis and Clark and the Northwest Passage.  Or Trail of Discovery.  NORTHWEST PASSAGE!  TRAIL OF DISCOVERY!  Northwest Passage!  Trail of Discovery!

See how easily it can escalate? 

The Handyman is out of town on business this week.
He sent me a text this morning at  6am
HM: Good morning.  I love you.
Me:  Love, Love me do?
Me:  You know I love you.
HM:  I'll always be true.

blah blah blah--mushy stuff

HM: You sound like a Beatles fan.

He knows me so well.


Literary Feline said...

Beatles all the way. :-)

Karen said...

Beatles! :)

Tina said...

I have always liked both but I do tend to play more Bestles than Stones.

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