Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday

On Wednesdays I'll sometimes join A Southern Daydreamer and her Outdoor Wednesday meme to share some pictures.
Stop by and check out other great photos of the outdoors!
On Sunday the Handyman wanted to go for a drive, so off we went on an old dirt road. Way out in the wilderness.
Once,  a long time ago, he told me that if he ever wanted to get rid of a body, he would dump it down an old mine shaft in the Nevada desert.
It always makes me a bit nervous when I go into the desert with him.
So, if I ever disappear, you might want to remember this!
Just kidding!!
(I hope
It's pretty desolate out there.
So anyway, we went for a drive and then a bit of a walk in the hills.
This is what we saw......
Lots of sagebrush.
And lots of hills and mountains.

And a little bit of water. Actually a  lot of water in this stream--for the high desert anyway.  And the Handyman---as always-- getting in the way of my photography.

And we were also high enough to get into some trees.  Or very big bushes.
The Pinion Pine and Juniper Trees.

These Tent caterpillars were busy making cocoons.
While this is really cool to see, they are very destructive.
They've destroyed many groves of trees.


So, that was my Sunday afternoon in the Outdoors...and I'm sharing it this Wednesday.


LV said...

Nature puts on the best shows ever. Loved all of them, especially such pretty skies.

Katherine P said...

So pretty! I always think Nevada is either barren dry desert or Las Vegas but it is obviously so much more. On a side note I'm apparently going to end up in a landscape feature which I'm not sure if that's better or worse than being dumped in a mine. On another side note we all apparently watch too many crime shows!

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

How fun to go off road. Those caterpillars are crazy busy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos

bermudaonion said...

Wow, it is desolate!

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