Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday

On Wednesdays I'll sometimes join A Southern Daydreamer and her Outdoor Wednesday meme to share some pictures.
Stop by and check out other great photos of the outdoors!

And on Wednesdays when I do join in, I usually have a lot of photos to share.  Mostly of the great outdoors, places we go, things we do -- which is drive to ghost towns in Nevada or visit our cabin in the mountains of Oregon -- but I think the pictures I share are unique and pretty, OR repetitious, since the desert looks the same after a while, as do the mountains.
Sometimes I even share photos that are never boring, never dull, never will you tire of.
My grandchildren.  
(Okay, you might tire of them, but I don't

All of my grandchildren but one live in the big city (San Francisco, CA, Phoenix AZ, Richmond, VA).  Our little town has 5 stop lights.  That's it.  Only 5.  So you can see the difference, right?  We have lots of sagebrush and wide open skies.
I feel that one day they might be bored with our little town, but for now, when they come they love it.
They especially are in Love with Water Canyon, a small campground about 3 miles from our house.
They all LOVE Water Canyon and want to go to Water Canyon --- any time of the year.
It's a beautiful, but small green spot in the high Nevada desert.
That's the outdoor part... a spot of beautiful green in the dry desert.

Moving on to the kids....
I will tell you right now--- stop scrolling if you don't think the they are as cute as I do.... cuz there are a lot of pictures of them!

So will it be "good-bye" or will you humor me and continue on... ?

They like to play in the water, climb the hills, get dirty and just have fun.

The boys.... because.... well just because.
Because this one is missing a tooth.

This one has cute dimples!

And this one is so cute I just want to hug him and squeeze him and---well I want to do that with all of them, but none of them will let me anymore!  A hug, yes, a squeeze?  Maybe for a second.

All I wanted to do was take a picture with my grandchildren, it was hard to gather them all to stand still --they were having too much fun playing.
In the course of the evening,
Uncle Mark (my son) stole my camera and I didn't know it.   When I went to upload the photos, there was a 'selfie' of Mark with his kids, his nieces, his nephew, his mom and dad, his brother, his sister in law.   He's gonna love that I'm sharing!

Dad and Mom selfies

The Aspen Trees.
Did you know they share a root system?  Under the earth they (a grove) are all a collective 'one'.
I guess Mark took a selfie break to capture the beauty of the trees.

 a very excited brother selfie!

Nephew Selfies!

Niece, daughter, niece selfies! 

Father and son selfie!

Sister-in-law selfie!

And FINALLY, I get a  good picture with the grandchildren!
(kind of)


Kay said...

Too cute, Debbie! All of them!

Tina said...

Great photos! I love the ones that are spontaneous. I can tell you love your grandbabies.

Karen said...

Love all the pics!!

Stefanie Ng said...

What great ohana time for you all. Kids need places like that so they can stretch their legs and experience nature in its pure form.

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