Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cooking Club Cookout--Slow cooking

For the first time ever---cooking club members PLUS our sub were all together!

We were joking about how our optimistic parents would say:
Let's take a picture, we're all together!
And our more pessimistic parents would say:
We better take a picture, we'll probably never all be together again.
So, we decided to take one.
First we had to figure out how to set the timer on the camera, and get it to the right height.
I have put a lot  (A LOT) of photos in this blog post, but, I could have put a lot more--20  or so of  the guys running back and forth, trying to make it into the photo on time. 
Needless to say--I didn't include them.
So, there you have it.
Our cooking club friends!

You remember all our rules right?  There is a theme, and you are assigned a dish?  Well we are going to switch it up a bit in the coming months.
Just you watch and see.

Cooking Club is one of my favorite get-togethers ever.  Love the food and love the people.

Oh...and Dogs.  We had cooking club dogs at our outdoor cookout.
I guess we are kind of dog people.

Here is Tom.  Tom is a Pomski.  Half Pomeranian and half husky.
He didn't get much pom.  He's a wolf.  But a very nice, short wolf. I call him Wolf---he has the softest fur ever.
Tom is a puppy.
Tom just wanted to play.

Here is Sierra.  A Golden Retriever.
Sierra is old.
Sierra did not want to play.

(I told you I have a ton of photos)

And while I feel rather naked here in this photo, I though it important to show my little Bailey Dog and these are the only photos I have of her. 
I was surrounded by dogs because I had food on my plate!

As was Mark! 
They were watching his every move!

Where was I?
It is the BEST.
We laugh, we eat, we visit, we eat more, we talk about food, we taste some more, solve world problems, eat again!
Talk more about what we made, why we made it and if this blog post had audio, we sound like this:  Ohhh..ooooo......mmmmmm....oh man, that's good.
  oh yes! 
Our food talk is kind of on the steamy side!

Our hosts below, Debbie and Charlie.
The theme was slow cooking so they decided to slow roast some pork and have a picnic.
It's hard to find a tree in the Northern Nevada desert, but we do have a little canyon with trees and a stream.
So here are some pics of our
Water Canyon, slow-cooking, cooking club outing.

She's a little overachiever--- she made the homemade sauces.

And the biscuits

and the pickles
and the coleslaw
and the crispy fried onions to put on top


This  picture below is not necessary at all.  It doesn't move the story along--I just think the Handyman is cute.
As I should, right?
(our youngest son went to Southern Connecticut University)

Sally and Paul made 2x smoked potatoes.  They were good---very smoky---they were cooked long and slow with hickory chips. Begun at home and finished at the picnic.  They get the award for truly embodying what the cooking club is all about.

Gina and Mark had dessert and she made a wonderful berry crisp in a crock pot.  Good slow cookin'.
She also rocked last year's Halloween paper plates!  (out with the old, in with the new, right?)

Shelly (shown here below with the Handyman and not Lorin) and Lorin  had bread.  She found a crock pot bread recipe!  And it was really good!

The bread.....and the hot German potato salad.

made by April and Doug.
(April shown here with Paul--tasting his slowly made homemade beer. She's wondering if it's any good.)
Was it Paul? Was it good?

And me?  I had appetizers.  Easy Peasy in a slow cooker.
Chicken wings and enchilada dip.

We have so much fun together!

Cooking Club # 8 was one of the best ones yet!

And these cooking club meals were all good too... Just click on the link to see.
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Happy Eating!
See you next time.


bermudaonion said...

That looks like so much fun! Around here, we'd label the barbecue sauce North Carolina or South Carolina.

Your club needs to have a Soup Swap. (I'll be posting about the book Soup Swap next week.)

Stefanie Ng said...

This post made me smile! You are such a fun bunch and I like how you get your grub on. LOVE Tom, the Pomski.

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